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Greg Mitchell. Greg Mitchell.
28 October 2019 Posted by 

How Greg took the plunge and started HR Success

AFTER holding senior HR and development roles in large organisations, Greg Mitchell decided to take the plunge in 2007 and open his own human resources company.

The result was HR Success, based in Western Sydney and servicing clients from across the Greater Sydney Region and sometimes beyond.

“After travelling and working outside my local area for some years, I wanted to work in and become more a part of my local community,” Mr Mitchell said.

“In the back of my mind, I’d always also had a desire to one day start my own business.

“I’d thought about it a few times over my career but there came a point at which I ran out of reasons not to do it – the time was right, and HR Success was the result.

“It’s been great to have that local involvement, meet plenty of good people and make some great friends in the process.

“The adjustment to working with smaller, local businesses was significant in the early days, but I’ve no regrets – it’s been an interesting ride that’s for sure.”

Experienced team

The three-person team, which also includes experienced professionals Margot Gallagher and Jay Heald, is dedicated to helping business owners and managers achieve Success Through People.

“While successful businesses also need to have sound financial management, efficient process for delivering quality products/services, effective marketing and sales functions and the like, none of it happens without the right people doing the right things at the right time,” Mr Mitchell said.

“That’s why we’re passionate about helping businesses manage their people effectively – they are the drivers, the engine room, the determinants of business success.”

Depending on the needs of the client, the company will often utilise their exclusive 8 Elements to Success through People model as a means to assess current people management practices within a business and identify and prioritise strategies that can make a real and significant difference to profitability, culture and ongoing success.

“The differences between workplaces have always intrigued me,” Mr Mitchell said.

“Some workplaces are filled with people enthusiastically working together, providing exceptional products and services and achieving great things.

“You visit other workplaces and you just know that something’s not quite right; the team’s not engaged, they’re not working well together, the quality of products and services is not quite where it needs to be and/or the business is facing some tough times.

“The tag-line that accompanies our logo is Success through People, because at the end of the day we firmly believe that sustainably successful businesses consist of great people being led, managed and working together in a way that sets the foundation for their mutual success.”

The company has recently also launched Short N Sharp Training, designed to provide businesses in Western Sydney with access to professional, cost-effective in-house team training.

The HR Success team will come to your workplace and conduct a two-hour session providing essential information and skills in a specific subject area.

“This is long enough for your team to gain the knowledge and skills they need, but not too long for them to be away from the front line of your business,” Mr Mitchell said.

“Participants get just what they need, without the waffle and without the fluff.”

Full details can be found at www.shortnsharptraining.com.au


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