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Suzi Tassios, the Bling Queen. Suzi Tassios, the Bling Queen.
10 May 2014 Posted by 


Love is reflectd in her business

By Maria Sylvestri

ABOUT 12 months ago I was at a seminar and some ladies that I knew introduced me to another lady that was at the seminar who they called “The Bling Queen.”

Her name is Suzi Tassios from Suzi’s Jewellery and Accessories. Meeting Suzi that day was like we had met years before; you know when you get that feeling that you have met before.

From that day Suzi and I kept in contact most weeks, and then one day she said she was going to open her own retail shop and go from being an online business to a retail shop!  

There was no stopping Suzi, she was just go, go, go, she was on Facebook announcing she was opening her own store and she told us the story from day one, she put up a blank canvas the shop before they started to renovate and paint and tile, so we got to see the story unfold.

Opening night was a red carpet event. Suzi had invited almost 300 people over Facebook to her opening night.

She had the whole family helping her too, and I was privileged to be asked by her to help on this special event as well.

Suzi had it all organised: the champagne, prizes, entertainment and food for all her guests, right down to the red carpet that entered the shop front door.

Suzi is a great, bubbly person and she loves social media. She takes photos of everyone that comes in the store and puts them up on Facebook, she is a great networker and she supports lots of other women in business.

If you have been into Suzi’s Jewellery & Accessories store, you will see all the things she loves reflected in the store. Her favourite colours are black and white and she adores Marilyn Munroe and the classics.

Suzi sources her jewellery, gift wares, accessories, handbags, shoes and more from all over the world including China, Hong Kong, Malta, Greece, Paris, Italy and more.

To enter Suzi’s shop is like entering into Suzi’s home; there is a warm welcome on arrival and an experience that you will enjoy.

Suzi will also hold high teas, hen’s nights and special events in store for you, you only need to ask and she would love to make it a special experience for you.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the Mums out there for Sunday, May 11, Remember to spoil mum, you can also get a gift voucher from Heavenly Curves and also Suzi’s Jewellery &Accessories.

Bra tip for the month: A good fitting bra will help with your back, neck and shoulder pain so ensure you have the correct fit or call us for a fitting soon.


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