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The Mars Rover. The Mars Rover. Featured
08 September 2013 Posted by 

Mars Rover linked to Sydney Olympic Park

PARTS found in the Curiosity Mars Rover currently trekking slowly to its primary target, Mount Sharp, were developed and manufactured in Sydney Olympic Park.

Since landing on the planet in August 2012, the six-wheeled rover has travelled a little over 1.6 kilometres on a mission due to continue for at least another 11 months.
This could be extended if it remains in good working condition.

Silanna Semiconductor, a manufacturer of high reliability integrated circuits for the aerospace and defence industry, has also provided parts for other deep-space probes and satellites.

Down on Earth, the company’s product can be found in the mobile phone market; its components are included in Nokia, BlackBerry and iPhone devices.

A state-of-the-art technology R&D centre houses the latest equipment for producing high purity, high uniformity compound semiconductors, the company said.

A fully equipped analytical lab that includes a range of materials characterisation tools supports the research activities. Silanna is the only company outside the US to achieve the Accreditation of Trust by the US government's Defence Microelectronics Activity (DMEA).

The company has offices in Brisbane, San Diego and London supporting various business development activities and a number of sales representatives in Europe.



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