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Benefits of diversifying when hiring
IN any business, when employers hire staff they hope the worker will be reliable, trustworthy and do a good job.
And when they decide to diversify and hire people with a disability, the expectations remain the same according to the disability employment service, NOVA Employment.
“NOVA finds jobs for people with disability at the same pay, same conditions, same responsibilities as you and I,” said Martin Wren, chief executive of NOVA Employment for 30+ years. 
Mathew Allous, Owner of Challenger4Computers in Fairfield hired through NOVA and now knows first-hand the benefits a business gains from an inclusive workforce.
“I can depend on Kevin a hundred per cent to fix the customer's problems,” said Mathew, referring to the assistant he hired through NOVA Campsie. 
As with any new staff, all it took was a little patience and time.
“I trained Kevin, step-by-step how to format computers, use instillation programs and how to research anything on Google,” explained Mathew, who hired Kevin almost a year ago.
The combination of Kevin’s drive to learn and NOVA’s service are what’s led to the longevity, reveals the head of Sydney’s highest-rated disability recruitment service.
“When you need staff, NOVA concentrates on getting to know your business first and then the responsibilities of the role,” said Martin Wren, who operates 28 NOVA locations across Greater Sydney, including nearby Liverpool. 
“Next, we find someone who wants that job and can accomplish the demands of that role,” explains Wren, who was inducted into the Disability Hall of Fame in 2022 for his decades of dedication to promoting the abilities of people with disability.
Challenger4Computers is one of the thousands of businesses that employ people with disability but the owner, Mathew Allous believes there needs to be many more, and employers “need to open the door for people with disability,” said Mathew. 
If you are a business owner or want to know more about building an inclusive workforce you can call 1300 ABILITY or visit www.novaemployment.com.au


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