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Desiree and Bernie Acabal. Desiree and Bernie Acabal.
28 November 2018 Posted by 

Bringing barista-style coffee from the beans to your office

IRVING Bangalan and his wife Geralyne have always enjoyed a fine cup of coffee.

The Rose Hill couple shares that love with friends Elizabeth and Michael Rasgo and Desiree and Bernie Acabal.

This year the six friends decided to turn their coffee passion into a small business, at the same time giving a little something back to the community.
Cafe Near Me is a coffee vending machine business which can bring barista-style coffee from the beans to your office, saving time and energy as your staff will have no need to venture outside the office in search of a delicious beverage.
“We have brand new vending machines from Italy which make barista-style freshly ground coffee at just a touch of a button,” Mr Bangalan, whose background is in IT, said.
“Our space saving and energy efficient machine can be placed anywhere within your office and can lead to a significant increase in staff productivity and a better work environment which will translate to happier staff or happier customers.
“We do all the set-up and maintenance at absolutely no cost.”
Mr Bangalan said the three couples had been looking for a while to establish a business together.
“We wanted a business which does something that really interests us and at the same time can help our growing families financially,” he said.
“We also wanted to be able to share part of our income with charities of our choice, with a small percentage of profits going back into the community.
“Each partner took a part in sharing business ideas until we found this coffee vending machine business. 
“We were all very excited about the idea and started working to get the business rolling. 
“We are hoping to install the machines in offices, clinics and service offices, where they will be handy for customers during long waiting times and are keen to take as many orders as possible.”
Café Near Me offers businesses the chance to say goodbye to pre-ground and powdered coffee in the staff room or waiting room and say hello to fresh coffee ground from the bean right on the spot.
You can enjoy everything from cappuccinos to expressos, lattes and even French vanilla coffee and hot chocolate.
The only cost to businesses is the coffee supplies themselves, with each cup costing much less than you would pay at a regular café.
Set up your free trial of a Café Near Me coffee machine by emailing cafenearme828@gmail.com



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