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18 September 2018 Posted by 

Sally's got some ideas about how to be happy

SALLY-Anne Hurley says her childhood growing up in Western Sydney was conventional and filled with happy moments.

Now the first-time author wants to show others how to be positive and love life with her new book How to Love the Sh*t Out of Life.
“I had a happy childhood, I went to a diverse high school and had a very positive experience,” she said. “My brother and I were allowed to play outside as kids. Our backyard was half grass, half concrete and when we’d come off our bikes and scrape our knees our parents would say ‘Up you get, you’ll be right’. It was character building and in many ways a juxtaposition of how kids are now, playing inside on their iPads.
“There was a simplicity about my upbringing that resonates with me now that I’m 30.”
Hurley lent on the experiences of family and friends and her own observations to write her self-help guide for young adults that carries the tricks to “enjoying life and being positive”.
“I love people watching – but not in a creepy way,” she laughs. “I love observing those around me, seeing the way they interact. I find that fascinating. And there’s this strong connection, I think, between being a writer and being an observer that gives you this philosophical look on life.”
So the secret to being positive and finding happiness?
“I don’t think it’s a secret really. I think it’s as simple as looking for the good in people, being a glass half-full person and talking about your feelings.
“One of the issues people have is bottling things inside and they struggle with talking about their feelings and emotions. Just by talking to someone, you find you feel better.
“I was always a happy kid. I loved sport and music. Even now, I’m happy when I’m around people and equally happy being in my own space with a book.
“One of the key things is having good people around you and I’ve been blessed with good family and friends.”
How to Love the Sh*t Out of Life started out as a series of personal journal entries Hurley wrote after she went through an “existential crisis” and before long resembled more of a manuscript than a diary.
She hopes others will find her stories, which are written with a common-sense approach and her trademark humour, relatable.
“It’s filled with the experiences of someone who has grown up in Western Sydney whereas a lot of self-help guides out there are written by American authors. I’ve lived the typical Australian life.”
Hurley said the book was also a celebration of all things positive about Western Sydney.
Born and raised in Macquarie Fields, near Campbelltown in South West Sydney, she said she was “really proud of the Western Sydney community. Not all the cool, hip and happening things just come from Eastern Sydney, Western Sydney has so much to offer too.”
Sally-Anne’s top three tips to achieving happiness:
• Kindness and compassion: “Being kind to others and to yourself”.
• Celebrating special moments, big or small: “The big moments like getting married, a job promotion, having kids, are all important but remember that even the simple things in life can bring you joy.”
• Put some good into the world: “It could be volunteering or helping out a neighbour; just by extending a hand you’ll find that in return good things will come back to you.”



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