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23 April 2013 Posted by 

Why great outdoors beats a coffee shot

THE Global Green Space Report 2013 which studied nine countries including Australia has found that 74 per cent of Aussies would prefer to head outside for fresh air over a cuppa to boost their work performance. 

The Husqvarna Group, the world’s largest manufacturer of outdoor products, commissioned a study of people’s relationship with green spaces, including 520 Australians.

According to the Global Green Space Report 2013 over 85 per cent of Australians consider access to green spaces such as a park, forest or bush, as a human right.

Over 50 per cent believe in the positive impact of green spaces on the quality of life and 47 per cent contribute a boost in their workplace performance to the availability of a nearby park. 

Taking a stroll (57%) was another alternative to the cup of coffee (31%).

Even more plants at work would assist work performance for 43% of Australians. Coffee only beats having a pet at work (18%) and the completely indecisive (8%).

Adding green spaces to work life will reduce the amount of green dollar notes required to give workers the desired kick. Strolls, visiting parks or getting some fresh air will save the daily takeaway coffee drinker at least $550 a year.

“The Global Green Space Report 2013 found that heading outdoors is recognised by many to boost work performance, over and above a cup of coffee.  Contact with green spaces is believed to aid concentration while at the same time relieving stress and anxiety.

It is something that employees and work places are starting to realise to a greater extent,” Stephen Clark, Husqvana General Manager said.

Heading outdoors to rejuvenate during the day is the free alternative to coffee for workers which also provides superior benefits.
Some of the country’s leading businesses are well aware of this and are incorporating green spaces into their offices.  A perfect example of this is the 2011 property development of Commonwealth Bank Place in Sydney which has a rooftop community garden.

Heading to a nearby park should be easy for most. The average time to the closest accessible green space in Australia is just 9 minutes, making it a viable option for an outdoor trip without travel eating into the one hour lunch break.

The global average time to a park was 15 minutes, making Australia the leader when it comes to access to parks, forests or bushland. Australia is closely followed by Canada (10 minutes), France (13 mins), Sweden (13 mins), Germany (16 mins), Poland (17 mins), Russia (19 mins) and China (22 mins).

Mr. Clark believes a combination of both could be the magic formula to injecting the much needed 3pm hit of energy.

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