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09 July 2017 Posted by 


The rise and rise of western Sydney
EARLIER this month Western Sydney Business Connection (WSBC) launched the visitor industry strategy and marketing plan.
The plan is a bold vision for the visitor economy’s role and contribution to the growth of western Sydney.
It should be clear to most residents, that the significant investment being made by the state and federal governments into the region if not just to accommodate an additional one million people but a sincere intention to enhance the socio-economic condition of the entire metropolis. It is this objective that WSBC has latched onto in delivering a plan for the future.
The visitor economy is not confined to tourism; it has a far greater role in attracting migrants, permanent, semi-permanent residents, students, businesses and investment. 
As such, the strategy sets out to ensure western Sydney draws a population commensurate with its future needs; needs for, amongst others; researchers and innovators, logistics and air transport specialists, creative and entrepreneurial people etc.
It could be argued that up to now, the visitor economy and its structure has lagged the progress made by commercial and government sectors.
Far from being disadvantaged by its relatively small base, we can leap-frog established and inappropriate paradigms and implement the visitor economy learnings from 21st century competitive cities.
Cities such as Prague, San Diego, Austin, Glasgow, Bristol and the like, clearly understand that all cities and metropolitan areas compete in the most aggressive of all markets - those for labor (talent) and investment. 
In response, these cities have morphed their traditional tourism structures into visitor entities which see tourists (leisure market) as a means rather than an end: a means to display the lifestyle and community spirit of the precinct. 
This key feature when combined with the impetus for talent migration, technology (access and infrastructure) and tolerance provide the crucial building blocks of attracting people.
Success is predicated now not on initiatives created by State or Federal government but by the community itself. 
The best in class cities have their marketing undertaken by independent (private sector led) entities with local accountability.
Western Sydney’s future cannot be left to chance nor can it ignore the responsibilities that emerge from a 21st century approach to city marketing. 
To meet the bold objectives set in this strategy, local Councils, the private sector and the community have a huge role to play in coordinating their efforts in executing this practical and sustainable marketing plan.
We need to ensure that the attraction of residents who will not only populate the facilities being developed but who can contribute meaningfully and happily to the ever-evolving society we all enjoy so much.
Ian Macfarlane, MD of Strategic Consultants, specializes in the marketing of cities and has been engaged by WSBC to assist in the development and execution of its marketing strategy.


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