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Jai, cventre, celebtrates his award win. Jai, cventre, celebtrates his award win. Featured
02 March 2017 Posted by 


Success for tech-savvy broker

By Phyllis Macgraw

STRATEGY is as important as interest rate when it comes to financing investment properties, says Jai Martinkovits.

The founder of Finance Ferret, an award-winning mortgage broking company that specialises in helping aspirational Australians avoid the pitfalls of choosing the wrong lending solution when buying investment properties.

“Our bread and butter is aspirational Australians who often have a significant amount of equity in their owner/occupied property,” he said. 

“We educate them and help them get their feet into the investment market using that equity.

“We find that when there’s investment lending involved we can add a lot of extra value beyond just rates – we look at structure as well, which is very important.

“A lot of the time, people’s decisions around finance are driven by rate, because they just want to get the best deal.

“So you can kind of get involved in a price war to the bottom.

“When you introduce the investment layer to that, rate is still important, and obviously you want to secure the best deal, but you’re adding a lot of extra value in terms of education but also in terms of the way you structure a deal.

“The benefits are maximum flexibility for that client in the future.”

Mr Martinkovits launched the Parramatta-based business early in 2014 to instant acclaim from not only clients but the industry.

“We were delighted to be recognised as Best Newcomer and Credit Representative of the Year at the 2016 NSW Connective Aggregator Excellence Awards,” he said.

“In fact, in what could be seen as a great vote of confidence, Finance Ferret was the only company nationally to win (or even be nominated for) two awards.”

Mr Martinkovits studied IT, with a focus on business analysis, at university. He always had an interest in combining the two disciplines.

“I always thought it would be interesting to do something in the technology space and it gives us the scope to integrate different finance services,” he said.

Finance Ferret has carved out a niche in complex lending.

“We deal with a lot with self-employed applicants and have no difficulty getting our head around complex income structures,” Mr Martinkovits said.

“One of our niche products caters for business people who have only been self-employed for three months and one day after GST registration.”

The Finance Ferret team has grown to keep pace with the business’s rapid success.

“About 18 months ago Josh Geurts came on board as a broker,” Mr Martinkovits said.

Mr Martinkovits has two goals for the business.

“Short term is to build up our traditional referral partner network, while our long-term goal is to build up an strong inbound marketing focussed online presence which generates income day in, day out.”

For more information contact Finance Ferret on 1800 337 738 or visit



  • Specialises in loans for everyday Australians who want to build a residential property portfolio.
  • Can source loans for business people three months after business registration and one day after GST registration.
  • Can source finance that will lend 99.99 per cent for property purchases.
  • Places emphasis on simplifying the application process for customers through integration with financial technology systems.



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