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Fotios Tsiouklas (19) and Alan Gokoglu. Fotios Tsiouklas (19) and Alan Gokoglu. Featured
06 September 2020 Posted by 


Rise and rise of the Zillionaire
GEN Z entrepreneurs are changing the world and two young Australian businessmen are headlining the rise and rise of the ‘Zillionaire’.
In fact the two ‘Z  magnates’ are on track to make a billion any time soon as their business booms.
Fotios Tsiouklas (19) and Alan Gokoglu (18) are using their time in self-isolation to continue their entrepreneurial hot-streak in the world of business.
Despite being teenagers, Mr Tsiouklas and Mr Gokoglu are two young entrepreneurs taking the tech world by storm. The pair are perfect examples of the new Zillionaires — members of Generation Z making their mark in the business world.
They started their first business at age 12 and now amazingly employ their fathers after they lost their jobs in IT.
Mr Tsiouklas and Mr Gokoglu run several businesses in fields ranging from app development to social media.
One of the apps that Mr Tsiouklas developed reached the Top 10 of the Apple App Store and received 250,000 active users within just 48 hours. He was just 18 at the time.
“Our app Clout exploded in a short space of time and gave us the confidence to create pretty much anything we wanted.
We’ve gone on to create about  100 applications that have brought in revenue in the hundreds of thousands of dollars,” Mr Tsiouklas said.
Next Steve Jobs?
His friends call him ‘the next Steve Jobs’, but until recently, Mr Tsiouklas was only just finishing his final year of high school.
The pair has extensive business experience already and are on track to replicate their success with even more businesses in the pipeline for 2020.
“We currently have two main businesses that will be launched during the next few months,” Mr Tsiouklas said.
“One is a social media agency for Tik Tok users that will be the first of its kind in the world. A few months ago, we predicted that Tik Tok would become the sensation that it has, so we bought the domain name TikToks.com.
“We’ve since received massive offers to purchase the domain name but we think we could make more money on our own,” Mr Tsiouklas said.
"The other business is an app development business that will change the way businesses and influencers operate. At the moment, businesses are paying tens if not hundreds of thousands of dollars to have an app developed.
“Our goal is to give businesses a quality app that they can develop in a few hours at just $99 a month. The business will be called Apps4Brands and it will be huge.
“We intend to put the power back into the hands of businesses by giving them the ability to create an app for next to nothing.”
Generation Z includes people born from 1995 to 2010. They are the generation after millennials. According to Mr Tsiouklas, the oldest members of Gen-Z are only just starting to make their mark in the workplace..
“Before now, every member of my generation was still at school. We’re only just starting to see what Gen-Z is going to do with their careers,” Mr Tsiouklas added.
Social Media Frame
“Gen-Z is a generation that really understands social media fame. To be honest, I think we understand the internet better than any generation right now. When Gen-Z comes into maturity, we’re going to fundamentally change the way business is done around the world.”
Most of  Mr Tsiouklas and Mr Gokoglu's businesses relate to app development, social media or online marketing.
According to Mr Tsiouklas, members of Gen-Z have a lot to offer the business world.
“The reason why I’ve experienced some success so early in my career is because members of Gen-Z understand things about social media that older generations, even millennials, don’t.”
“We were the first generation to grow up with the internet and smartphones in our pocket at all times. We’ve grown up in the time of the Instagram influencer, Snapchat and Tik Tok.
“We understand these massive industries better than anyone. When we enter a workplace, we’re in the position to completely change how they operate.”
“Get ready for the Gen-Z business revolution, because it’s definitely coming.”
Mr Tsiouklas and Mr Gokoglu also established Kickspan, a highly successful digital agency which turns over millions of dollars.
They also own night clubs and develop and deliver venue based themed initiatives.  They are currently worth more than $5m and their revenue and asset base is growing by the day.
Stand by for further news.
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