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Victorious: Premier Gladys Berejiklian. Victorious: Premier Gladys Berejiklian. Featured
04 April 2019 Posted by 


No real surprises for WEST

WHILE there were no real surprises in the NSW election results in Western Sydney, all sitting government MPs had some swings against them.
But, despite a few key issues that had riled the Parramatta electorate - such as threat to heritage, the unpopular relocation of the Powerhouse Museum  and closure of the pool - MP since 2011 Geoff Lee had a mere 1.7 per cent swing away from him, below the State-wide anti-Coalition swing of about 4 per cent.
Mr Lee still holds the seat by 11.9 per cent.
Local issues such as over-development and road congestion seems to have harmed David Elliott, Liberal MP in Baulkham Hills more, with a 3.1 per cent swing from him in the conservative seat. Nevertheless, Baulkham Hills remains the second safest Liberal seat in the West with a 18.7 per cent margin.
Safest government seat in the region is Castle Hill, despite a 4.4 per cent swing to Labor. Ray Williams, Castle Hill  MP since 2015 (he was previously MP for Hawkesbury) now has a 25 per cent margin.
Greatest government backlash was shown against Penrith MP Stuart Ayres, where there was a 4.8 per cent to Labor.
Ayres now holds the seat with a tight 1.4 per cent margin. It was a narrow escape for the former “Minister for Stadiums and WestConnex” who was expected to lose the seat he has held since 2010 when he grabbed it from Labor with an astounding 25.7 per cent swing. The latest result means the seat is no longer safe Liberal. It is the least safe Liberal seat in the West.
In Seven Hills, the Liberal MP Mark Taylor retained his seat despite a 2.2 per cent swing to Labor. He now holds the seat by 6.2 per cent.
In Hawkesbury, new Liberal candidate, Robyn Preston retained the status quo in the seat previously held by Dominic Perrottet, who transferred to the seat of Epping. The Liberals hold Hawkesbury by 17.8 per cent, making it the third safest government seat in the West.
Labor still rules much of the West, with Julia Finn retaining the seat of Granville, which she won from the Liberal MP Tony Issa in 2015. Despite a full-on campaign for Mr Issa to grab back the seat, there was a swing of 5.4 per cent  to Ms Finn. She now enjoys a 7.5 per cent margin.
The only significant swing from Labor was in Liverpool where long-term MP Paul Lynch had a 4.7 per cent swing against him. Labor’s margin is still a healthy 16.2 per cent.
Another significant seat is Auburn, where former Labor leader Luke Foley was MP for three years. Former Member of the Legislative Council, Ms Voltz retained the seat for Labor comfortably with a 3 per cent swing. Labor now has a 8.9 per cent margin.


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