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03 April 2019 Posted by 


Chamber program builds resilience
THE NSW Business Chamber’s youth initiative, Skillsroad visited Penrith, Parramatta and Liverpool last week to take unemployed young people from couch to career with the new #GetThatJob Career Coaching Program. 
The program will help young people who haven’t quite found their feet in the workforce, with an approach combining human intervention, supporting digital job seeking tools and the Chamber’s connection with employers.
One of the program’s Career Coaches who attended the #GetThatJob’s community events, Amy Brown believes that shifting the mindset of unemployed young people will be the most powerful factor to helping them get a foot in the door.
“A lot of young people we spoke to at the community events were confused and overwhelmed about the job searching process, while others mentioned they felt incompetent, highlighting the risk to mental health from long-term unemployment. 
“The Skillsroad #GetThatJob program will focus on building resilience and a winning mindset to ensure young people engage with job seeking tools such as resumes and job interviews effectively,” Ms Brown said.
Currently, youth unemployment rates in Western Sydney are at 10.7 percent, which is higher than the state average. Local employers are also suffering across various sectors, finding it harder to find and retain the right staff to support their business. 
#GetThatJob is designed to engage and motivate young people with one-on-one mentoring by trained Career Coaches and Skillsroad’s user-friendly online job profiling and job listings’ boards. Job seekers will be guided throughout the journey by their coach, unpacking job-ready skillsets, identifying their strengths, building resilience and settling into the first few weeks on the job.
For more information on how #GetThatJob can help you or someone you know, please visit https://www.skillsroad.com.au/getthatjob or call 02 9458 7904.
Jon Prioris Business Development Partnerships Manager, NSW Business Chamber.


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