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CAWS president Trevor Oldfield, who is also President of the Greater Blacktown Chamber of Commerce. CAWS president Trevor Oldfield, who is also President of the Greater Blacktown Chamber of Commerce. Featured


Western Sydney businesses remain positive
A SURVEY of Western Sydney businesses showed a degree of optimism, though post-lockdown problems are still being fought.
Finding the right staff remains one of the main challenges facing small businesses, though more than half of respondents say they are “coping well” in the current environment.
The survey, conducted by the Chamber Alliance of Western Sydney (CAWS),  shows that Western Sydney SMEs expect to resolve supply issues in the short to medium term and that perceptions on business profitability and sustainability were positive.
CAWS president Trevor Oldfield said one of the organisation’s aims was to provide accurate information on the health of SMEs to decision makers across Sydney.
“This information will promote more effective decision-making by business owners and government, service organisations and others interested in maintaining the future business health of the Greater West of Sydney,” Mr Oldfield saidl
“True future growth and sustainability will be built on reality and sustainability.”
CAWS has designed the Western Sydney Business Index (WSBI) as a quarterly survey that aims to capture a snapshot of
the current conditions and environment within which the businesses in Western Sydney are operating.
“Over time, it will provide indices that will track and identify the long-term trends that are impacting the community,” Mr Oldfield said.
“Another survey in November will provide an even greater insight as we move forward.”
The survey showed:
52 pc of respondents are confident their staffing needs will be adequate.
40 pc are confident in recruiting new staff.
58 pc are confident in the supply chain.
64 pc have implemented well-being solutions for staff.
56 pc are coping well.
For further information, contact CAWS president Trevor Oldfield on 0419 992 826.


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