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Fairfield entrepreneur Khoda Haddad. Fairfield entrepreneur Khoda Haddad. Featured
19 May 2014 Posted by 


Pioneering a new slant on not-for-profits

By James Preston

PASSION is so often linked to a dream and linked to success, but achieving success in the form of our dreams is often viewed unattainable and even impossible.

Fairfield's Khoda Haddad, however, is one to chase a dream and make that passion a success.

Eighteen-year-old musician and entrepreneur Khoda has achieved immense success on a number of levels under the tutelage of his mentor Andy Oraha and their collective team UNKNOWN a charitable organization, which stands for “Uniting Noise Kindly Noticing Opportunities We Need”.

Founded in 2007 by Andy Oraha, UNKNOWN aims to advocate for issues that affect the youth including homelessness and drug and alcohol abuse.

In a sea of not-for-profit organizations UNKNOWN and its 113 members around the world is united in the mission to have a presence at community events, volunteering at youth and community centres and involving themselves in popular outlets: Street University, Guildford Youth Centre and Mission Australia, among others.

The organization holds a home for rappers, singers, dancers, producers, DJ’s, grafitti artist, professional writers, bands, models and go-go dancers.

In Khoda’s own time of struggle he turned to UNKNOWN to find inspiration and has since become an integral part of the organization and now extends his influence to inspiring others.

“I met Andy (my manager) who led me on the path of success by introducing me to UNKNOWN,” says Khoda.

“I had always been creative and growing up I experienced my share of hardships and troubles. Music was the only thing that related to me; whenever I was stuck in a bad stage rhyming my feelings was the only thing that helped me believe in myself. This inspired me to continue it and make it a career so other people feel the same way.”

Since joining UNKOWN Khoda has quickly risen to be a prominent figure within the ‘family’, as he likes to call it representing the group in various meetings, community events and following his musical passion to tour around Australia and offer his inspirational songs to the nations youth.

Performing under the moniker UNKNOWN Misery, Khoda has been writing since he was six-years-old and recording since he was 14, and while music has for a long time been the dream his passion has extended to helping others in need.

“I make a living off performing and being involved with UNKNOWN but this is a vocation not a job. It is not about money – we are not after profit,” says Khoda.

“For myself and UNKNOWN, the goal is to inspire people to never give up no matter how hard their situation is. This is because there are other out there who have had tougher and harsher life experiences.”

In a time were Australia holds the unwanted tag of highest suicide rate per capita in the world it is refreshing to see someone as young as Khoda become so heavily involved in an organization that has the potential to help many.

And this influence is becoming increasingly widespread with UNKNOWN having established chapters in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Kuwait and Las Vegas with more expansion on the horizon.

Founder Andy, has been impressed with the effort and application of Khoda in honoring and empowering the organization's mission statement.

“Khoda has taken this opportunity with both hands, where once he reached out to us now he is offering others a hand to reach out to. To see others inspired by my vision and thrust themselves into it, is amicable,” he said.

“We are funded by love, faith and power to reach everyone in our communities, to help improve and further progress the lives of us and our people, we are united as ONE, we are complete in happiness as we do what we love and we do it because we can.”

Indeed it seems both Khoda and mentor Andy are united to help others and when it comes to budding entrepreneurs of all kinds they offere advice from the heart.

“Do and work on things that you are passionate about, whatever you do or pursue. It can be obstacles or transformed into stepping stones, believe in who are you are and what you do.”

Believe. Believe that your passion will allow your dreams to succeed.

*UNKOWN’s website is currently in development however the following contact points exist:

Street Uni (andy oraha) : http://streetuni.net/
Khodas official facebook page UNKNOWN misery: https://www.facebook.com/pages/UNKNOWN-MISERY/160020750870913?fref=ts


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