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Building an environmental brand experience

By Mario Henein
Creative Director Modemedia

BEYOND the brand, beyond the website and beyond the brochures is the most important place where people decide if they want to become your customers and remain your customers.

The point of sale: the retail store, the restaurant, the coffee shop, the office. To ignore this is to undo the effort that has been invested into your branding makeover.

Retail and commercial interior design is a unique design discipline. It calls on creative and technical expertise in both two dimensional and three dimensional space.

It is about being fresh, stylish and innovative - providing that point of difference to set you apart from your competitors.

I have a long list of successful clients who have come to me asking for a new Space Environment. And, it hasn't just been retail.

There is also a need for cleverly branded 3D space in the corporate world. The office, from the reception foyer, to the board room, can become a branded environment that helps the staff to have pride in their brand and desire to work hard for it.

This is why, when I think of a few of the branded space environments I have designed, our portfolio contains the likes of My Roast and FooDoo coffee shops, Froyo frozen yoghurt shop, the Insignia restaurant, the Maze Group in Sydney's clubs, Woolworths as well as Starr Partners Real Estate, Encompass Homes, Concept Cosmetic Medicine and Strathfield Super Bowl.

I'm passionate about delivering an exceptional product, something that is above and beyond the expectations of the client. I want the brand to flow through all of the marketing mediums.

In the Space Environment that means focusing on interior fittings, the point of sale, lighting, furniture and so on. You have to focus on attention to detail - colours, textures, walls, panels and furniture ,where you serve the customer and how you display your products.

Take colours for example; they have the ability to excite people and create a sense of drama in a retail outlet or corporate space.

Choose the wrong colours or shades and people subconsciously don't want to be there. There is a science to colours, tones, space, shapes, angles, the height of the ceiling, lighting and use of different materials such as metallic surfaces or curved glass.

I lead a Retail Mode team, part of my Modemedia agency, and our goal is to create solutions that are driven by optimised design and functionality.

We develop creative and intelligent solutions for even the most complex and challenging locations, with constant consideration for the needs of the owner as well as the overall aesthetics of the space environment.

We use a well proven process to transform the space environment and the client is kept informed every step of the way.

Stage one is the concept development which comes after we have examined the site at different times of the day (to see variations in people traffic volumes, customer behaviour, people flow, any changes to natural lighting coming from outdoors) and we have referenced how major competitors present themselves.

Stage two is the space planning layout which is followed by selection of the interior finishes. We then work on the furniture layout plan and then create an interior finishes sample board.

Most people are not visual, they find it difficult to imagine how their space environment will look, which is why photo-realistic colour renders are produced.

Once everything has been approved the final stage is construction and fit out; a complete turn-key operation. In a matter of weeks a retail or commercial space can be totally transformed.

I'm driven by the desire to help my clients achieve their business goals, turning their dreams into reality.

I love going back to a place after we have weaved our magic and seeing the big smiles on the owner, their staff and all the happy customers, knowing that what we created has turned their business around and, as a result, it is more successful than ever before. I've seen that time and time again and it never ceases to excite me.

For contact visit www.modemedia.com.au

Nicole Baines

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