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From backwater to engine room
FOR a city long accustomed to flying beneath the radar in a competitive commercial marketplace, Liverpool now flies above as it "takes off” in gaining recognition as a business destination.

The city is “really going places” according to its enthusiastic civic leader.

By far the major project for Mayor Wendy Waller’s optimism is the $5.3 B Western Sydney Airport and the adjacent Badgerys Creek Aerotropolis,

Not only is the project “in our own backyard”, Liverpool can boast of hosting the head office of the Western Sydney Airport Company (WSA Co) to build and operate the massive infrastructure project

Cr Waller noted the “transformative” nature of the project in generating widespread economic and employment opportunities in the introduction to the council-commissioned PwC report: Liverpool: The Gateway to Sydney’s Aerotropolis (Nov 2017)

“When WSA Co chose Liverpool it recognised that we are the capital of the South West and the engine room when it comes to Sydney’s second international airport,” she said on another occasion.

The location of WSA Co in the CBD had provided the confidence for other businesses to set up in Liverpool – the city centre had “a unique opportunity” to position itself as the CBD of the airport, the PwC report noted

“If you want to be part of the airport and the opportunities that will grow up around it, you need to be in Liverpool,” Cr Waller said.

She said the location in the CBD of an office to attract investment to the aerotropolis – an advanced manufacturing, research, medical, education and commercial hub – sent “a very clear message” confirming Liverpool’s status as the premier airport city.

Another activity which had created a “real buzz” around Liverpool was the opening of the $140 million Inglis Riverside Stables thoroughbred horse auction house, at Warrick Farm

Racecourse, which “would bring the big end of town into Liverpool … and show off our rapidly changing city,” Cr Waller said.

“When [Riverside Stables] is fully operational, we’re expecting staff numbers coupled with flow-on jobs created in the wider community to come to as many as 300 and the  luxury [144-room William Inglis Hotel] will mean a $25 to $35 million boost to our regional economy each year.

Cr Waller said other businesses which recognised the advantages of setting up in Liverpool and helping the city to “take off” economically included AMP Capital, WesTrac and DB Schenker and Centrum Printing.

“When the University of Wollongong opened its doors in Liverpool last year it became the first major university to bring a campus to the city.

“Liverpool proved it was an innovator last year; we received a Smart Cities Award for our continued push into digital planning.”

Council spent nearly $1 million a week in 2017 towards rebuilding the “heart” of Liverpool including building and maintaining infrastructure in Bigge Park, Macquarie Mall.

Cr Waller looked forward to welcoming Western Sydney University, “another piece of the puzzle for our university city”.

She said council would commence building Liverpool Civic Place, a $200 million development, in Scott Street, accommodate the council chambers and library, another University of Wollongong campus, alongside housing and a hotel.

The development would anchor the southern end of the CBD.

“And I will be further strengthening our health and education precinct [in the northern CBD] by lobbying for a much needed expansion of Liverpool Hospital – a world-class facility – to cater for our rapidly growing population.”

This would boost business activity in the city.

In addition to the above Cr Waller could have mentioned the opening of Toll Group’s $160 million advanced automation technology distribution centre and the forthcoming relocation of the innovative home fittings company GWA, both in Prestons.

Northrop Grumman, the global defence company, has signed on as the $50 million anchor tenant for the defence and aerospace hub adjacent to the Western Sydney Airport.

A $72.8 million mixed-use project on the Hume Highway, a $47 million marina on the George’s River and the multi-billion Moorebank Intermodal Terminal could have been included to confirm Cr Waller’s optimistic outlook.

Cr Waller says council’s focus this year would be to improve the local economy – approaching the $10 billion mark over the next 12 months – and further enhance Liverpool’s profile as a business destination.






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