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09 May 2016 Posted by 


Life-long learning, multiple careers

DIVERSITY will be the key to the future for the babies born in the boom area of the west, Blacktown in particular.

For the third year in a row, Blacktown topped the list of baby-boom areas, with Auburn, Bankstown, Merrylands, Liverpool, Parramatta and Guildford also in the top 10 of the 2015 list.

And the prediction is the world will be their oyster, with many of them pearls, setting Australia up for the brave new world of the 22nd century, in jobs we have not even imagined yet.

That is the view of leading social researcher and demographer Mark McCrindle who says one of the main features of these bubs’ future was that they would have a range of careers during their lifetime, with innovation and entrepreneurship at the forefront.

“One of the things we will see with this generation is that they will keep learning and change careers throughout their lives,” Mr McCrindle told WSBA.

“Half of them will have gone to university and will have on average 17 different jobs in their lifetimes.

“The jobs may be allied - for example an accountant might go into management and then own his or her own business but there will be many who will make absolute changes in the direction of their careers.

“You might have someone who starts off in the trades, using technology more, going towards design and then end up in architecture.

“Skills will be continually upgraded, such as someone working in aged care, because of the global market, may have to learn another language to deal with investors and clients in the sector.”

Trades would still exist, particularly in the building field, but technology would mean that houses become more prefabricated.

Mr McCrindle said technology would play a bigger role in most fields, although humans would still be needed for a while yet, especially in the health, science and education sector.

“We don’t even know what the careers of the future will be yet. Who would have thought of 3D printers, drone operators and app developers years ago but now they are a reality?”

But Mr McCrindle said Australia’s population would be 40 million by 2050, and would continue to age, despite baby booms along the way.

As for the socio-economics of the western suburbs, Mr McCrindle said the population growth of Sydney would push a greater diversity of people out west.

“What will happen in suburbs like Blacktown is that it will start to look like places such as Balmain, with a gentrification and greater range of housing types,” he said.

With the Badgerys Creek Airport and more tech industries moving west, the future is already set for those cute bundles of joy who will be spoilt for choice in the jobs on offer.

Bubs of Blacktown

● Area tops 2015 baby list with 3,108 new bubs for third year in a row.
● Auburn, Bankstown, Merrylands, Liverpool, Parramatta, Guildford also in top 10.
● Future jobs in innovation, technology, health, sciences, education.
● Suburb will be gentrified as more people move west.



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