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Riccardo Bosi. Riccardo Bosi.
19 March 2019 Posted by 

Cumberland chamber event explores what makes a good leader

WE are very excited about the coming year at the Cumberland Business Chamber.
There will be packed full of interesting site visits to our members facilities as well as opportunities for members to network at the monthly events. March’s focus is all about leadership.
We are hosting a special event in conjunction with our media partner Western Sydney Business Access to present a leadership forum at Lily’s restaurant in Seven Hills on March 27. 
Leadership is an important topic for any company if they wish to steer the organisation and its people in the direction of growth and profit.
Our special speaker/trainer for the half day event is Riccardo Bosi. He heads up Lionheart Australiasia, where he teaches leadership, strategy and creative innovation. He is a former Australian Army Special Forces Lieutenant Colonel, with extensive experience in practical and cutting-edge leadership. 
His combined business and military backgrounds have given him insight into what makes a good and efficient leader, with innovation being at the forefront. Riccardo shares what he knows about leadership.
What makes a good leader?
Riccardo borrows a quote to describe a successful leader: “The trick is to spend most of your time sharpening the axe.” 
He is aware of how easily people are distracted by the noise and influencing factors around business, teaching that in order to get the job done, we need to focus on the end state and actions required to get there.
In terms of business success, a leader will consider the desires and ideas of all stakeholders, converting them into an action plan which satisfies the business and those invested in it. Riccardo emphasises that a good leader is people-centric. 
A business idea doesn’t have to be first-grade in order to succeed, but the people involved need to be of a high calibre. His own definition of a real leader is: “Someone who, using nothing but what they are, unites many to achieve good.” 
He notes that forcing and manipulating people may get the job done, but real leadership considers the future of a business, including the people in it.
Leadership in practice
Riccardo bases his leadership training on five pillars, all of which are built upon a foundation of trust. A leader who tells the truth is in line with the first pillar, that of character. 
He likens this to the early leaders of Ancient Rome, prior to the of corruption of power. Character also involves staying loyal to an ideal, which is in line with his advice to focus on the end state.
The second pillar of leadership is about competence; knowing your job. This includes understanding the psychology of people and relationships, as human interactions are key to business success. 
Invention is the third pillar and it is here that Riccardo talks of new systems and ideas along with contributions from other business stakeholders. Invention is followed by empowerment, where the importance lies in ensuring those who work for the business are better off for having worked there. If the people are better off, so is the organisation.
The final pillar for leadership is understanding who and what you are. Self-awareness and self-reflection allow for improvements to other pillars, leading to an overall bettering of the business.
Innovation in leadership
A good leader isn’t required to conceive each new idea alone. A team that is encouraged to be involved in creativity is likely to be more productive and allows innovative minds to be guided towards progress. Also imperative is the importance of patience and persistence, both of which will help develop the five pillars of leadership. 
We hope you will be able us at the Cumberland Business Chamber March event at Lily’s restaurant in Seven Hills! 
Binh Rey, is VP of Marketing Cumberland Business Chamber. Visit www.cbchamber.com.au


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