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 Reena Jethi at Kuber Vaults. Reena Jethi at Kuber Vaults.
04 February 2018 Posted by 

After robbery, Reena built the perfect safe deposit vault

WHEN Reena Jethi returned from a night out to find her Western Sydney home had been robbed, foremost in her mind were the many precious heirlooms that had been passed down from generations including her irreplaceable jewels.
Fortunately, the thieves had spared her prized jewellery but the shocking experience planted a solution in Mrs Jethi’s mind that would not only help her family but their local community too.
Kuber Vaults, a state-of-the-art safety deposit box facility, opened in the Hills Shire late last year, offering comfort to people looking to secure their own significant and valuable items.
Mrs Jethi said after the theft, she sought to have her treasures protected at a local bank but the wait for a security box was long. When one did become available, she had to contend with inconvenient access hours and costly tolls to get there.
Fast forward several years and Kuber Vaults arrived on the scene. CEO Mrs Jethi located an ideal site in Castle Hill and negotiated a partnership with a prominent security firm and the backing of a world renowned insurer. 
The safety deposit boxes come in a range of five sizes to store items either impossible or not easy to replace – insurance policies, certificates, special jewels, business data drives and legal documents.
The safety deposit boxes are stored in a vault protected by a sophisticated and impregnable security system that Mrs Jethi likened to Fort Knox.
The premises is encircled by bollards, the glass is bullet resistant and the guard room is staffed by “extremely experienced security personnel from a highly acclaimed organisation”.
“Our customers are protected by an added level of security in our triple layer biometric access system,” Mrs Jethi said.
“Traditionally it has been proven that fingerprints cannot be altered, they are unique, and so we have opted for fingerprint scanners. As well, customers receive a card and a unique pin code all of which they have to satisfy before they go through an airlock door to gain access to the vault, or the inner sanctum.”
Customers can access their security deposit box every day of the year, access is unlimited and there is free, on-site parking.
Prices start from as little as $18 per month for a mini size locker and a private viewing room is also available.
Kuber Vaults is also an authorised distributor of ABC bullions, making it a “one-stop shop” for people looking to buy and store precious metals.
Kuber Vaults is at 27/9 Hoyle Avenue, Castle Hill. For more information, visit www.kubervaults.com.au or search for Kuber Vaults on YouTube for a look inside the facility.


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