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Heartland CEO Kieran Turner Heartland CEO Kieran Turner
28 October 2016 Posted by 

Heartland Motors celebrates 50 years with rewards for kids

HEARTLAND Motors will commemorate a milestone anniversary in business this month by spreading cheer amongst sick children in Western Sydney.

The family run business will celebrate its 50th anniversary on November 9 and to celebrate, it is donating $50 from the sale of every vehicle in November to Westmead Children’s Hospital.

CEO Kieran Turner said the dealership hoped to donate $50,000.

“Unfortunately, Westmead Children’s Hospital receives less funding than the Sydney Children’s Hospital and because we are a family business and our emphasis is on nurturing the next generation of kids, our focus is aligned with the hospital,” he said.

Mr Turner's grandfather, Bernie Webb started the family business in 1966 as Fair Deal Motors in Parramatta. Six years later, he purchased Boyded Holden which remained a major force in the Sydney Holden Network, and then in 2001 Heartland Motor Group was formed.

“It’s been a pretty amazing journey,” Mr Turner said.

Although Mr Turner started working at Heartland Motors in 1994, his training started much earlier.

“My grandfather used to do one-on-one sessions with me when I was in Year 10. He would involve all of us in the business. He would sit us down and quiz us and teach us from a young age and I’m doing that with my kids now,” Mr Turner said.

“There are only a few big family groups left in this business. We’re unique in that regard. People do still like to see an owner walking around the floor, it shows they care about the business.”

Mr Turner said his family had seen many changes in the industry, particular since the advent of the internet.

“Online has been the big game-changer. It is the major form of enquiry these days whereas 10 years ago people would walk in to negotiate the purchase of their car,” Mr Turner said.

“A salesman used to have a book of customers but now consumers have a lot more choice and they’re not loyal to a brand anymore.”

Luckily, consumers are spoilt for choice at Heartland Motors which boasts 14 different brands with Holden, Hyundai and Ford amongst the most popular choices.

“They’re the big sellers, especially Holden which is a major force despite its manufacturing going off-shore,” Mr Turner said.

Mr Turner said the family was excited to celebrate 50 years in business, saying tenacity had been key to their success.

“Our family is a very tenacious bunch and we don’t look short term either. Our long term strategy is the kids and grandchildren. We look beyond the current generation,” he said.

“And we’ve weathered a couple of recessions in our 50 years but we’ve hung on and rode it out knowing everything is a cycle.”

Heartland Motors will also sponsor the Westmead Children’s Hospital Radiothon on November 4. To donate, phone 1800 770 122.

Details: Heartland Motors, 13 10 88.




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