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10 August 2014 Posted by 


Program aims to redcue disease transfer

By Craig Hingston

A NEW revolution to improve businesses, retail outlets schools, public places - in fact every place where there are people - has started.

Called the White Tick™ Program it is the brainchild of Gus Nehme, the founder of the Hygiene Foundation of Australia.

Gus, a Blacktown based businessman, says according to the World Health Organisation hands are responsible for transmitting 80% of infectious diseases.

Even in a developed society like Australia when hands touch other people or surfaces they can transfer millions of microorganisms and some of them can carry disease.

He wants to make offices, coffee shops, restaurants, shopping centres, retail outlets, clubs, gymnasiums, aged care homes and other places where people come together healthier places.

He says his White Tick™ Program is a unique training program based on the ASKS principle of Awareness, Solution, Knowledge and Support.

"We are dedicated to improving hygiene and wellbeing for all Australians,” he said.

“We will do this by reducing the incidence of coming into contact with microorganisms by introducing a new standard of hygiene cleanliness - our exclusive White Tick™ Program - which is a system of new habits to improve health standards.

“We will show that washing or sanitising hands for just 40 seconds results in dramatically improved protection. Prevention is better than cure and hand hygiene is the first line of defence.”

Gus adds that there are right and wrong ways to wash your hands and sanitize surface areas.

When businesses, retail outlets and other environments demonstrate that they have embraced these new habits he will present them with the White Tick logo and certificate.

He says the public will come to know when looking for a place to meet and eat and purchase food that when they see the White Tick symbol on the front door or window that it will be their assurance of optimum hygiene standards.

Gus says employers will appreciate the White Tick Program because a healthier work place means less workers contracting illnesses and taking sick leave,

"Our research shows that businesses can save thousands of dollars each year. A survey of Australian workers found that one in six fell ill each year and that one in three admitted to not washing their hands after visiting the bathroom. Substandard office hygiene leads to increased absenteeism and a drop in productivity."

The Hygiene Foundation of Australia has started their awareness campaign by talking to businesses in the Greater West of Sydney and already several have taken the program onboard. Gus plans to visit schools in the West to educate children about proper hygiene habits.

The White Tick™ Program is supported by a scientifically developed hand soap, sanitiser, sentinel and other sanitising products.


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