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Benefits of workplace social media Featured
09 July 2012 Posted by 

Benefits of workplace social media

Diversity Council Australia (DCA) CEO, Nareen Young said social media had many advantages for business in fostering diversity in the workplace and acting as a channel to attract and retain talented people.


Her view has been echoed by leading professional services company, Deloitte Australia which has embraced a social media strategy developed by the Deloitte Australia Social media Steering Committee.

In the company’s Social Media Report the authors link the firm’s high levels of customer service with its sophisticated use of social media channels.

“We have sculpted a cohesive message about Deloitte Australia’s use of social media that is resonating around the world,” the report says.

“We have empowered our staff to delve deeply into the online world. We have supported them and watched our trust in their abilities has been rewarded.

The report also addresses some of the concerns of businesses about adopting social media against traditional brand building strategies.

“Contrary to popular belief organisations have not lost the ability to shape and build their brands. What they have lost is the ability to do this through an opaque public relations veneer,” the report says.

At its core social media is about connectivity and the ability to network fast with large numbers of people where ever they, are at any time.

At face value the style and openness of social media is at odds with the traditional corporate model of keeping information confidential and business strategies secret.

Ms Young said social media is a way for people working in non-traditional arrangements and outside traditional career structures to engage in networking




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