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23 June 2018 Posted by 


Four steps to online success
WE are in the digital age which means that if your business does not exist online, then it doesn’t exist.

Here are four simple ways you can increase your online presence right now to generate more customers for your business.
Create your Website
The most important aspect of a good online presence is having a website. And with so many tools out there, there has never been an easier time to build your own website. But you need your website to really stand out in order to attract customers. Every business website needs to have:
• A clear message on the homepage;
• An about us page;
• A contact page; and
• At least one opt-in form for lead generation.
If your website does not have all of these things at a bare minimum, then please stop what you are doing and fix it.
Your website should also be search engine optimised. Most website building platforms offer built in basic SEO tools that will help get you started on your SEO journey.
You can start using them to target keywords and ensure your content meets the guidelines set by search engines.
Write a Blog and Post it to your Website
A great place to start with SEO is to write a blog post that targets specific keywords. But SEO doesn’t just happen through keyword targeting.
Search engines love valuable content so use your blog as a way to provide your customers with value.
Creating content regularly for your blog also helps to personalise your brand and makes you more familiar with your customers. It gives your business a voice and positions you as an influential thought leader in your niche.
You can use your blog to tell your brand’s story, showcase products or services that your offer, or industry news that is relevant to your customers.
Complete your Social Media Profiles
This is a simple, but often overlooked, step to improving your business’ online presence.
Ensuring that all your social media profiles have the correct business details such as location, phone number and web address will not only help customers find your business, but it will also help improve your search engine rankings.
But putting in your contact details is just a start. You also need to add information to the bio or about us sections. This is a great place to tell your business’ backstory and really let your brand’s story come to life.
List Your Business in Online Directories
There are so many online directories out there that it can be hard to keep up. However, listing your business on at least some of them will help improve your online presence.
The directories you use will differ based on your business, but some of the most popular ones include Yelp, Truelocal and the online Yellow Pages.
These are a great start, but it is also a good idea to see what directories your competitors are on because that will indicate where you might find your target customer.
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