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19 March 2017 Posted by 


Smile, you’re on multi-media!

By Hardeep Girn

THERE used to be a time when marketing was simple and could be just a handful of formats, such as print, television or direct marketing to get the message to the target customer.

Today, we need to understand the many, many formats, but also how the types of messaging need to be structured and inter-relate.

I’ve started to go back and use old school terms like multi-media, which today have morphed into the sexier omni-media!

The need to be present or attentive to messages through so many fragmented channels is a huge investment relative to other business expense. In some ways, it’s great to be able to target the message to the right segment of audience, but in other ways, the sheer volume of work in doing it effectively and with a positive return on investment falls far short.

Also for the individual, personal image matters and these days there is a high likelihood you will get photographed or tagged at an event.

So it makes absolute sense to take the time to ensure your appearance is presentable and appropriate for the occasion! Clothing designers like Azrim (http://www.azrim.com.au) should be on your speed dial to get your ready for your next big event.

I’ve found some in business are typically dressed in the ‘traditions’ of their industry. I get that, but to get noticed you need to change the look to reflect your business outlook.

Maybe not the yellow tie with red dots, but something to get slightly more attention than others competing against you.

Mood and sentiment also matters and not everyone can be happy all the time or motivated like Tony Robbins says you should be. But I’ve discovered that being miserable in business is usually the best sign that you’ll crash and burn.

Your smile shows your control, or complete lack of, so don’t be a fool and smile without taking a moment to get a well constructed message out to match the GQ look you’re about to build!

Yes you are in the dating game for business. Be attractive but not a cheap thrill. No one can refer you work if you’re inconsistent in your approach and value proposition.
I see a lot of businesses in networking events during the first 10 minutes readying their approach for talking with other business owners. They typically go for the easier option looking for familiar faces or taking time to mingle.

Developing your style from the ground up is much harder, yet can be the most rewarding if done well.  Sometimes we need guidance, so don’t be afraid to ask your colleagues or business associates.

But if you want validation your style is being noticed, talk to people you don’t know. Say something bold and see what reaction you get.

Counter with something more sensible and then let the message and your appearance become your calling card.  I see nothing wrong in keeping the style consistent for a period of time so that others see the change and over time the commitment to it.

By following this approach, you’ll be prepared for being captured and recorded on media at some point at an event. The key is being ready and expecting attention if you really want it. I would love for you to try the bold approach and let me know how you go!

Glamming the Elevator Pitch

I have to admit though; as long as I hear mundane elevator pitches, there will be opportunity for us to coach business. Some will pay attention, others will pretend, whilst the last will dismiss the advice. Thankfully most will pay attention.

Last year we strengthened our push to build business relationships using film media. What has historically been costly and inaccessible has now become mainstream and cost effective.

So much so, we see most businesses needing a lot of work in building a PR strategy rather than a broader marketing approach.

The interesting this is, we fell into it, when looking at our own relations with businesses, talented individuals and media organisations.

We now relate these with film production and have embraced the need to be polished in our delivery. So how about yours? Are you impressive and inspiring business leader, or are you just an expert in your field? Do you need to develop that confidence or that professional look?

So, will you find your way to apply my advice? I hope so, but if you need help get in touch....

Hardeep Girn is managing director of Know My Business which helps businesses fast track their business development and sales efforts by introducing them to their targeted clientele.  Utilising their extensive business network and high tech business matching systems, Know My Business has the answer to Australia’s fastest growing business need.  Start the conversation by calling 13000 INTRO (1300 046 876), emailing sales@knowmygroup.com or visiting




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