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Communication, capability and confidence

By Hardeep Girn
Managing Director Know My Business

SEPTEMBER’S Greater Western Sydney Regional Roundtable was recently held at the St Leonards campus of the Northern Sydney Institute (NSI) Part of TAFE NSW.

This round table was the first to be held outside of Western Sydney with most of those participating from other areas of Sydney and the Central Coast.

Members of the round table were from across a number of industries, including education, human resources, recruitment and training, with the theme being The Future Employer.

One of the key areas of discussion was of training, especially beyond the immediate skills needed to be able to do a job.

Adjunct Professor Dr. Jim Taggart probed the panelists on whether the responsibility on training rested on the employee or the employer.

Alison Wood, Institute Director for NSI, pointed out there was also the Government’s role in making the Australian work force competitive in the Global Village.  

The round table gave considerable insights into how the demand for better-trained staff required commitment in allocating training budgets.

By providing more training opportunities, studies have shown increases in job satisfaction and staff retention.

Further discussion followed at the macro level, on the impact of foreign students and overseas workers competing for Australian jobs.

Access to information and education has been become easier for many societies, including those in Australia.

The round table discussed the real need to devote more corporate funding to putting emphasis on keeping the workforce skilled and relevant in changing industries.  

It was argued, to gain the competitive advantage with highly skilled staff and attracting the best talent, training needed to go beyond core skills.

During the discussion, each panelist was asked what he or she saw as core skills employers expect employees to have.

The pre-requisite in any role in business are the 3 C’s, namely Communication, Capability and Confidence.

During 2014, we saw a significant deficiency in the ability of staff and owners of businesses having strong levels of these core skills. Maybe part of this has been due to the slow down in society using face-to-face or phone conversation to gain outcomes.

We’re currently in the Ocean of Online, where growing emphasis is placed on social media and other digital channels to interact with prospects, referrals and suppliers.

Sigman research undertaken in 2009 pointed out we started spending more time interacting with digital electronic devices than in human face-to-face interaction in 1997.

And using this research, McCrindle Research has commentated on the considerable gap that has continued to grow since that time.  

Back at the round table, I talked about these soft skills being the competitive advantage that most businesses needed.

Technical skills today are far more commoditised, and overseas markets are building the knowledge as well as continuing to leverage their lower cost of labour and economies of scale.

To remain competitive, we need a clear point of difference.

So, as part of the need to stay ahead in an increasingly competitive environment, Know My Business has developed the Mastering Business Introductions short course in collaboration with the Northern Sydney Institute Part of TAFE NSW.

Both organisations share a common vision to help people and businesses unlock their career or business potential.

Today, collaboration is the key to success and together we can deliver meaningful learning experiences, which will enhance the way you do business in an unpredictable business environment.

The Mastering Business Introductions course is relevant for front line staff and senior managers that engage with prospects, referrals partners and suppliers.  Held monthly, the course will be delivered during a half-day classroom setting at the St Leonards campus of the Northern Sydney Institute.  Concepts that will be taught include how to:

•    Understand the purpose and apply the concept of ‘value proposition’
•    Gain confidence through an improved ability to have meaningful conversations
•    Be better prepared with introductions and meetings through upfront research
•    Learn how to establish trust in relationships through conversation
•    Understand the impact of tone of voice
•    Understand and identify critical roles in business conversations
•    Learn how to make effective business introductions.

To register for the course or more information you can visit:






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