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Sam Clifford, left, and Andrew Barker. Featured

Start-up targets fastest growing region

By Di Bartok

IF you want to clean up in business, grabbing a slice of a leading global cleaning business could be the way to go, especially in the burgeoning greater west of Sydney.


Fairfield entrepreneur Khoda Haddad. Featured

Pioneering a new slant on not-for-profits

By James Preston

PASSION is so often linked to a dream and linked to success, but achieving success in the form of our dreams is often viewed unattainable and even impossible.


Mo with RNB superstar Craig David selling merchandise. Featured

Blacktown events promoter tackles risks head on

By James Preston

EVERY successful entrepreneur must take a risk. They must leap hurdles, dodge pitfalls and be prepared to play with fire and in this sense Western Sydney entertainment mogul Mohammed Alhaj Al Gala is a man who can only be described as a pyromaniac.


 By Renata Cooper

CEO Forming Circles and angel investor

I WAS at the So You Think You Can Start Up event recently and was struck by how few women were in the room – and no women pitching for funding.


University graduate building an empire

By James Preston

HAYLEY Mehmet is not your typical university graduate. At just 22 she has already established a successful small clothing business called ‘Born to be Chic’, stocking some of the hottest brands in women’s fashion and shipping over 350 parcels a month.

Hayley, who has previously worked as a fashion blogger for popular Melbourne company Chadstone The Fashion Capital; initially conceived the idea for her business during a working holiday in Canada following the completion of her communications degree at UWS.


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