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Maurice and Anna. Maurice and Anna.
18 April 2015 Posted by 


How JMA Entertainment is creating stars

By James Preston

ONE of the most powerful beliefs that connect mankind is that we have a dream.

Equally, and unfortunately though, we can be united simply in dreaming rather than gaining the know-how to action the dreams and make them a reality.

But in the case of Maurice June, 35, and Anna Jacques, 33, of JMA Entertainment dreaming has transformed to reality with the couple making it their mission to ensure the creative talents of young dreamers can also become reality.

Based at Parramatta, JMA Entertainment is a unique business. It helps to harness and unlock the true potential of young entertainers by providing high quality, intimate and supportive teaching of the creative arts.

With a focus on creative entertaining, JMA teaches disciplined performing art styles, including break dance, popping, tricking, vocals and performance techniques and ultimately training their students to become well rounded performers and artists.

Established in 2012, JMA Entertainment is the quintessential ‘from a seedling to a tree of success’ story and it warms the heart. As dancers and partners, Maurice and Anna (who have two beautiful daughters) started their journey as creative souls touring across Australia as a part of a dancing and singing group.

During this time the pair worked in high schools mentoring young singers and dancers and selflessly offering their time to teach homeless youths, youth groups and Aboriginal communities.

However it wasn’t until the breakthrough of perhaps their most famous group of students, ARIA chart topping pop group Justice Crew on the 2010 edition of Australia’s Got Talent that Maurice and Anna gained the vision to create JMA.

“At that point in time, JMA didn’t exist. Anna and myself had mentored a number of young dancers and we had been extensively involved with the boys from Justice Crew for a while. They had previously gone off to compete in the World Hip Hop championships in Las Vegas and when they came back the next step was Australia’s Got Talent,” said Maurice.

“The challenge was to take their skills to a higher level; introduce a sense of professionalism and create a real X-Factor about the group. It was a case of employing tight choreography, increasing their stage presence and taking them beyond the realm of a dancing group and into something more inspiring.”

Maurice and Anna’s teachings proved to be a huge success. Justice Crew was  crowned the winners of the fourth season of Australia’s Got Talent and from there the JMA vision of teaching and developing other up-and-coming artists emerged.

Maurice and Anna soon registered the business and started letter box dropping and networking.

“We started putting on a lot of classes in all disciplines of performing to get the name out there and the initial response was really positive,” said Anna.

Soon other up and coming artists reached out to JMA to help take their credentials to the next level. Reality show favourites What About Tonight, Ziggity Crew and Fourtunate were among the other early successes for the business.

Indeed, since the formation of JMA Entertainment it seems that any and every act that achieves success on the various reality talent programs such as The Voice and X-Factor, is a talent developed by Maurice and June.

“We were especially proud of our achievements with Jai Waetford. When we first met him he was this shy, but talented, 14-year-old boy from a single parent family with a real passion for music but perhaps lacking that confidence and killer edge to achieve the success he deserved,” said Anna.

“But that’s the great thing about what we do. The real challenge in our business, given that it’s really about people and allowing them to reach their potential, is, to alleviate the fear. I can’t is a big dream killer – we’re always working closely with our artists on self-belief and removing that fear. We build character as much as talent and there is no one else who does what we do, that is what sets us apart from your standard singing school or dance studio,” said Anna.

Jai went on to place 3rd in the X-Factor in 2013 and has since toured nationally with Justice Crew and is in the process of releasing his third professional EP with Sony Music.

Besides growing in reputation JMA has had to expand both its offices and staff. There are now 10 employee’s catering to 150 students with JMA offering vocal classes, artist development programs, holistic health, audition techniques and their renowned artist boot camps.

With a long list of accomplishments in Australia this small business started by two companions with a love for entertainment has exceeded all expectations and now has the chance to take the world by storm.

“Recently we took some of our top artists to LA to showcase their talents to some of the biggest producers and labels in the industry. We have plans to expand classes to incorporate more dance styles, instrumentation, acting and ultimately just a more diverse set of skills,” said Maurice. “We want to go international!”

When I asked them why they thought they had been successful it became clear just how strong their passion for what they do is.

“Staying on track with your vision is key. We love this, we love what we have to offer and we love being able to inspire others every single day. And while it’s important that we have a passion for what we are doing you also have to listen to what your clients are asking of you, it goes both ways.”

“We didn’t expect to be a known company for what we do. But it’s bringing us to different parts of the world and we are meeting with industry heavy weights and superstars,” said Maurice.

And despite the success Maurice and Anna have enjoyed they offer a final piece of parting wisdom for budding entrepreneurs.

“Don’t be afraid to fail. Be prepared for blood sweat and tears. It’s important to surround yourself with people who have done or are currently doing business and don’t be afraid to ask for help.”

For more information regarding JMA Entertainment, you can find them on Facebook and visit their website: http://www.jmaentertainment.com.au/


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