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GBBC president Trevor Oldfield with NSW Premier Mike Baird recently. GBBC president Trevor Oldfield with NSW Premier Mike Baird recently. Featured
16 October 2014 Posted by 


Relationships the key to success

By Trevor Oldfield JP
President Greater Blacktown Business Chamber

ONE of the most important roles of a Business Chamber is to connect its members with the view of encouraging business-to-business relationships.

The sharing of ideas, concerns and experiences in this environment then become both the catalyst for growth and the prospering of long-term relationships. This is what makes it distinct and unique.

It has the responsibility to protect the wellbeing of the business community as a whole, and work towards its best interests.

Chambers’ protect the welfare of businesses in their districts, and promote the growth of commerce, trade and industry in their respective zones.

These Chambers’ collect data on different areas, regions and even countries, making them a valuable asset to the business community and those involved. Information about potential markets is also collected, and the opportunity to discuss and communicate this data is open to all members.

The Chamber maintains a strong relationship with local Councils, as well as representatives of both the State and the Federal Government.

They bring to the notice of both the Council and the Government the impact of various laws, regulations and environmental changes.

A Chamber can also voice changes and modifications to various laws, in order to make them more practical and useful. This in turn, gives a voice to the unified business community.

Chambers organize meetings with appropriate officials for an open discussion on various issues concerning the business community. They are inclusive not exclusive and work side by side with other Business and Networking groups.

Our newly established Greater Blacktown Business Chamber is one such organisation, which offers the opportunity for businesses to brand, engage, create and build long-term relationships.

We are extremely proud and appreciative of the enormous support we are receiving from the business community.

Testimony to this was the support of the 175 businesses which were represented at our recent Chamber launch and inaugural ‘Business After Five’ held on August 28.

On behalf of the Greater Blacktown Business Chamber, I extend to you an invitation to join us at our next event, held and sponsored by Lilly’s Function Centre, 162 Prospect Hwy Seven Hills, Thursday October 16, 5:30pm-7:30pm.

The business community is at its best when it works together. 

For further information please contact info@greaterbbc.org.au


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