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Blacktown Mayor Len Robinson addresses a business group. Council is supporting the new Chamber of Commerce. Blacktown Mayor Len Robinson addresses a business group. Council is supporting the new Chamber of Commerce. Featured
05 April 2014 Posted by 


New group gaining momentum

BLACKTOWN City Council has become a foundation member of the Greater Blacktown Business Chamber (GBBC) as no other organisation in the city provides the “voice for business in Blacktown”.

“Currently there is not an organisation in Blacktown which has the resources or governance structure to facilitate a business chamber of this scale, that can provide a conduit for businesses to engage, learn and work together,” a council report said..

A membership provides council the opportunity for regular, organised engagement with the business community of Blacktown

It also enables council to better inform the business community of council's activities, strategic vision and plans.

“Further, it provides opportunities to promote the city to business leaders in Blacktown who may have direct links to investors.”

The report said the GBBC aimed to create a membership program for businesses across Blacktown and was not a chamber defined by one location or business; it aims to provide support to businesses from a wide cross section.

“This is the distinction between the GBBC and other existing chambers in and around Blacktown City who operate on a smaller scale and typically in the interests of businesses in discreet locations.

“It is for this reason, that council should consider a membership with GBBC.”

“Should the GBBC fulfil its objectives of creating a “voice for business in Blacktown” it can become an important partner in pursuing Council's economic development activities. It remains to be seen whether or not the GBBC will be a success, but supporting it in its infancy, noting its objectives, is considered an appropriate step to take.”

Council will give the organisation a year to prove its worth.

The report said the $5,000 membership cost was to be funded from council’s economic development program budget with the membership to be reviewed in 12 months.

The president of the GBBC is Trevor Oldfield, who is a resident of Blacktown and a business owner in Western Sydney, and the vice-president is Alex Soncini, who operates a business in Blacktown.


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