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17 February 2014 Posted by 

Greater Blacktown Chamber of Commerce launches

By Trevor Oldfield AM
President, GBBC

CHAMBERS of Commerce have been around for ages. They started as guilds and clubs that thrived on exclusivity and maintaining the secrets of how to do stuff.

We all have things that we do that make our business goods and services desirable. For some it’s just being good at what they do for others it’s their 17 secret herbs and spices.

Modern business chambers are about sharing ideas, finding likeminded people who provide goods and services that you can use or refer to friends and colleagues.

They are places where you can talk to other brave individuals like yourself who have taken the plunge and set up their own business.

We are also here to advocate of behalf of the business community on issues of importance to business.

Quite often being in your own business can be a challenge, your family may think that you are crazy or they may think that because you have your own business you are making a bucket load of money.

We know that we are a little crazy and we would like to be making a bucket load of money, but for a lot of us, for many years it can be a bit of a hard slog.

Business Chambers are an opportunity for you to talk to business people who face similar challenges to you every day, compare notes and find different ways to address age old challenges in business.

At the Greater Blacktown Business Chamber we are aiming to provide you with an environment where you can discuss issues meet other business owners and through organised events learn new stuff that can help you improve your Business.

If you are interested in learning more check out your Chamber at www.gbbc.com.au and register to come along to one of our regular Business After 5 events.


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