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Business of the Year winner: CEO Steve Mackenzie. Business of the Year winner: CEO Steve Mackenzie. Featured
02 October 2017 Posted by 


2017 winner enforces NO-BS zone 
THE straight-shooting, no-BS Lido Group is this year’s WSABE Business of the Year.
“Fantastic” was how CEO Steve Mackenzie described being named a finalist is this year’s awards. 
Little did he know that the business would take out the top gong at the prestigious annual business awards that have recognised Western Sydney’s best and brightest for 27 years.
“The best description of our business is embodied in our core values which we live and breathe,” he said.
“Don’t collect customers, create partnerships; You can be serious without a suit; Any process can be improved; Be provocative - poke the industry with a stick; and Be nice and always shoot straight. Leave the BS at home!”
“We were awarded Travel Partner of the Year 2017 earlier this year,” Mr Mackenzie recalled, “which was a real coup for us, but to be recognised now not only for our contribution to the industry but as a business generally, for our growth, strategies, financial and non-financial achievements, is the cherry on top.”
The Lido Group provides end-to-end Hotel Program Management for business travel. 
It manages the accommodation negotiation, contracting, booking, data delivery and payment needs of large corporate and government clients, enabling them to realise savings not only from an accommodation expenditure perspective, but also through efficiencies in process, particularly reconciliation of expenditure.
Lido provides all the data they need to have a holistic view of their accommodation program to ensure compliance and continued cost savings.
The Lido Group, which will celebrate its 30th anniversary on September 28, has been dubbed the ‘Uber of Hotels’. 
It works directly with clients to reduce accommodation expenditure while improving travel policy compliance, booking processes and providing enormous payment and reconciliation efficiencies. 
It charges 100 per cent of clients’ hotel charges, including incidental spend, back to a centralised account or corporate credit cards and provides all enhanced data relating to this expenditure.
“We manage the relationship with accommodation providers; negotiating preferential rates and managing our clients’ payment for bookings,” Mr Mackenzie said. 
“The traveller is not required to make payment or obtain invoices for hotel expenditure or permitted incidental charges. 
“This gives the traveller a frictionless check-in and check-out experience. They book, stay and walk away.” 
He said there were several things that made The Lido Group outstanding.
“Not only our people, their commitment and dedication to the business, but also our unique offering to the travel industry as a whole,” he said.
“We actually deliver things that others have never been able to achieve.  
Mr Mackenzie said there had been several positive outcomes from taking part in WSABE.
“It’s been great to have our hard work recognised,” he said. 
“You always wonder what other similar sized and structured businesses are doing and how they are doing it; how they compare. 
“So, to know we are being recognised for business excellence is a huge benefit. 
“We know we have great people in our business as we are often praised for excellent customer service, and to be able to come back to our staff and say that not only do we have great people but we have proven our excellence as a business is amazing; it was a real boost to staff morale.”
Mr Mackenzie encouraged other businesses to take part in WSABE next year.
“You’ll never know unless you give it a go,” he said. “It is also a fantastic opportunity to take an objective look at your own business when answering the specific questions for the submission.
“It’s a great opportunity for all business owners; providing them with exposure and an ability to demonstrate to customers, suppliers and staff that what they are doing is something to be recognised.”
Mr Mackenzie thanked the group’s staff, accommodation partners and clients, the NSW Business Chamber and the Parramatta Chamber of Commerce for recognising it for excellence in business.


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