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30 November 2014 Posted by 


HOW Kate creates a better YOU

LOOKING good and feeling good go hand in hand - just ask Kate Ribot’s clients.

Or you could just look at Kate Ribot, an attractive woman in her late 50s who, by my assessment, could pass for someone at least 10 years younger.

The attractive part, Kate was born with but the youthful component does not happen naturally.

We know that women resort to surgery, botox, lasers and damaging debrasions to retain their youthful faces or put their faith in creams that do minimal work on reducing lines and sagging.

But Kate, in her Norwest Business Park salon, has the equipment to give lasting results in revitalising ageing faces and refreshing young ones.

And Kate Ribot’s Diamond Face and Beauty Salon is the only place in Australia with the cutting-edge technology. It is called the ultimate diamond Hollywood facelift.

“I first heard of the treatment from Dr Phil McGraw’s wife Robyn,” Kate said.

“She looks amazing from having the non-invasive facelifts, which stimulates a person’s natural collagen without harming the immune system, like other treatments do,” Kate said.

“With the immune system boosted, it is able to do its work, like protecting you from disease.”

There are four machines, using diamond crystals, involved in the full treatment of mobilising fatty deposits and toxins, toning muscles and tightening skin.

Since opening her salon two years ago, Kate has built up a regular clientele of women and men aged 19 to 72 who come in for regular treatments.

“They can see results after the first treatment, but it is recommended that they have 10 to 12 visits,” Kate said, adding that the treatment was suitable for men.

Kate, a trained beautician, has always been interested in holistic health, especially when applied to beauty treatment.

Again, she has been inspired by Robyn McGraw, who has written a book stating that people are responsible for their own health and how they can look the best they can.

“It is up to us to take care of our health - no-one else is going to do it for us,” Kate said.

With that in mind, Kate can call on a bio-chemist who has formulated natural probiotic products, a medical doctor and massage therapist, if clients want that holistic approach of looking good on the inside and outside.

For more information on Kate Ribot’s Diamond Face and Body Salon, with videos from clients, go to www.diamondfaceandbody.com


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