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Winners from last year. Winners from last year.
01 July 2022 Posted by 

It’s that time of year again: Support your local Hills business

BUSINESSES in the local community do so much more than sell us goods and services.
They’re an integral part of every community and our everyday lives, according to Precedent Productions Managing Director Steve Loe.
“Small business people and their staff are part of the social fabric of our communities,” the Local Business Awards founder said.
“They’re the people we stop to chat with on the way to and from work, or in the course of doing our own jobs.
“Very often they become friends as well as sounding boards outside our families and colleagues, who we can turn to for advice or just some sympathy.”
Mr Loe said nominating a favourite local business for the annual Sydney Hills Local Business Awards was an excellent way to thank them for their efforts, which so often go unrecognised.
Nominations for the 2022 Sydney Hills Local Business Awards open on Monday 11th July and that will be the time for the community to show that businesses in the Sydney Hills have many loyal and happy customers who appreciate what they do.
“I would particularly like to thank the Awards’ Major Partners, The Hills Shire Council and NOVA Employment” Mr Loe said.  
“Their support of the Local Business Awards is essential to the success of the program and it reflects their recognition of the importance of local businesses in the Sydney Hills area.
“Now is your chance to thank your favourite businesses by voting for them online at www.thebusinessawards.com.au.”
Nominations close on Wednesday, August 10. 
For further information on the Sydney Hills Local Business Awards, visit www.thebusinessawards.com.au or call Precedent Productions on 8363 3333.


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