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Dr Michelle Cull. Dr Michelle Cull.
25 November 2021 Posted by 

WSU's Dr Michelle Cull named Educator of the Year

DR MICHELLE Cull, from the School of Business at Western Sydney University has been named as a winner in this year’s Western Sydney Women Awards.
Created by founder of Western Sydney Women, Amanda Rose, the Western Sydney Women awards are the only awards program representing women at all stages in their life, business & career across the Inner West, Greater West, North West & South West of Sydney.
It is also the only awards program that is free to enter and free to attend to ensure it is accessible to all women.
These awards are dedicated to celebrating women in Western Sydney. These people are: 
Women who excel in business.
Inspiring female role models.
Women who have demonstrated excellence in their career and elsewhere.
Women who have made significant contributions in their community.
Women who have made a difference to Greater Western Sydney.
Michelle said she was excited to be named a winner in the Educator of the Year category.
“It was exciting and humbling at the same time to hear that I was announced as the winner for my category. The award is recognition of many years of hard work involving financial literacy education, financial adviser education, research student supervision, mentorship, and partnering with industry to secure real-life business experiences for students,” she said.
“The awards have provided me an opportunity to meet and engage with many amazing women across Western Sydney which has enabled us to tap into one another’s networks, with some new collaborations already planned. I really admire the other women I have met in my category as well as other categories and what they have achieved.
"These awards have provided a great opportunity to hear how other women are contributing to our Western Sydney community and to support and encourage one another, which can be empowering. Meeting these wonderful women and winning this award has inspired me to do so much more in our community.”
Amanda Rose has been overwhelmed by the response to this year’s awards and is so excited to see how many women of the West are getting involved.
“Each year our nominees are growing and I am so pleased to see so many women getting involved and supporting each other.
“There is nothing that gives me greater joy than seeing businesses and women in the west succeed and for me to see their passion and determination shine through as I get to meet them all. I’m so thankful to our amazing sponsors that also see so much joy in women succeeding in their chosen paths,” she said.


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