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Matt Jones. Matt Jones.
11 May 2020 Posted by 

DIY amateurs are falling in the crisis - from their roofs

THERE has been a major outbreak of medical emergencies during Covid 19 lockdown, but it has nothing to do with the pandemic.

In just one week, four DIY homeowners plunged from their roof while attempting to do projects above their property

Following the spate of emergency call-outs due to serious injuries from people doing their own DIY, tradie experts are imploring residents to contact the professionals instead.

According to CareFlight rescue helicopter service, the worrying number of ‘amateurs’ have fallen from their roof carrying out repairs since May 1 – and another 10 were flown to hospital in April.

Matt Jones from Tradiematepro, a support and coaching platform for trade-based businesses, said for every ‘wannabe’ tradie that has been flown to hospital, there are countless others who have injured themselves carrying out home repairs.

His word of advice for those considering risky DIY is: “Don’t!”

“There have been some terrible injuries in the past few weeks from people tackling repairs and home improvements, so it’s always better to call in the professionals,” Mr Jones said..

“It’s understandable, especially with the forced isolation, that people have carried out home maintenance to save money and for health reasons, but in many cases it’s a disaster.

“As well as the obvious risk of injury, some projects could be fatal, especially when it comes to electrical or even working on uneven surfaces at a great height.

“Plus, nine times out of ten the repairs become even more expensive as the professionals are then called in to fix botched jobs – we’ve had a huge surge in residential repairs and maintenance, in particular plumbing and electrical work, over the last few weeks,” Mr Jones said..

 “And with rentals, landlords, property managers, strata building, and facility managers all have obligations to ensure repairs and maintenance are carried out on tenanted properties”.

He said no home improvement was worth risking maiming yourself, “or worse.”

Tradiematepro launched in 2018 to help tradespeople set up their own businesses. Since then, it has helped to educate hundreds of tradies to collectively increase their profits, attract new clients and operate professional businesses with successful futures.

It helps with financials, cash flow and profitability, time and team management, marketing and lead generation, sales strategy and helps tradies choose the best apps and software for their business.


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