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The AAA workshop in action. The AAA workshop in action.


COMMENT: We won't settle for mediocity
IN a business environment where consumer demands and expectations are becoming more and more difficult to comprehend AAA City Removalist has chosen to not settle for mediocrity.
We have decided to tackle change with the latest cutting-edge innovation through research. 
As the CEO of AAA City Removalist, I also practice as a mind body medicine kinesiologist and I believe in a visionary approach to the new emerging world of business.
For any organisation to succeed in business using the outdated tools of the past, is destined to fail. Education starts at the top and must be transferred down the chain to all staff and alliance partners. 
Any person connected to AAA City Removalist is expected to believe in the ethos of our company and chant a unified mantra. 
Ego-based ideologies
We are returning to the days of tribes and social communities where referrals and recommendations are replacing corporate conglomerates. It is evident on a worldwide stage that many ego-based ideologies are crumbling down before our eyes.”
Recently, AAA City Removalist engaged Nicholai Popov from the Motivational Leadership alliance to assist them in a series of full-day workshops and seminars to take their service standard to the next level.  
As part of this initiative, Motivational Leadership Alliance is delivering a series of state-of-the-art staff training experiences, focused on helping AAA City Removalist exceed their customers’ expectations every day.
These innovative and research-based training events will allow AAA City Removalist to build organisational citizenship behaviour among staff.
Aimed at transforming an organisation’s employees into ‘citizens of the business’, this science-based training approach can help build highly motivated behaviour among staff and a dedication to delivering service excellence. 
Daily Challenges
As part of the workshop training, AAA City Removalist staff and Alliance Partners were introduced to the psychology of conscious and subconscious human behaviour.
Prior to the workshop, Nicholai Popov asked management and removalists to write down the challenges they were facing daily. 
At the workshop, removalists were then asked to role play these scenarios assuming the role of removalists whilst management assumed the role of customers. What they found shocked them; the customer was right as were the removalists. It was the trigger points that both had failed to see. 
The art of extrapolating the indicator and trigger points and managing them allows problems to be solved, or at the very least find a win - win solution. 
Empathy was at the forefront of the AAA City Removalist message. You can’t be empathetic if you don’t know or care. Removalists at AAA care, but they have now been armed with the information of knowing. 
They now have the tools and can see it from the customer's perspective and confidently explain theirs. Everybody wins.
David Amaneddine is CEO at AAA City Removalist. The firm has been relocating Australian families since 2005 and has moved over 140,000 satisfied customers. Visit www.aaacityremovalist.com.au or watch this video https://youtu.be/XBrTb5Xs_-g


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