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Blacktown Deputy Mayor, Russ Dickens with his dog Cullen at the Sydney Business Park site. Blacktown Deputy Mayor, Russ Dickens with his dog Cullen at the Sydney Business Park site. Featured
26 December 2014 Posted by 


16,000 jobs as tide turns for Blacktown

By Di Bartok

THE multi-million dollar commercial/industrial development that is  Sydney Business Park, Marsden Park will further cement Blacktown City as “the centre of the universe”, says deputy mayor Russ Dickens.

With Blacktown - the largest local government area in NSW - often overlooked by government planners, the development will create about 17,000 (17 thousand) jobs when fully operational in 12 years’ time, 2000 by the end of 2015.

Clr Dickens said the development will be the “shot in the arm” that Blacktown needs.

“We are already the centre of the universe, and this is the largest development we have had in recent times,” he said.

“Apart from the large companies coming here, creating jobs, there will be thousands of new homes created.”

Clr Dickens said Blacktown was often overlooked by governments, with Parramatta and Penrith receiving bigger slices of the pie.

“Where is Penrith and Parramatta? I never go there. This is where it is happening and we are making it happen,” Clr Dickens said.

Large companies set to be part of the business park include chocolate manufacturers Lindt, IKEA, McDonalds,  Shell, Bunnings, Masters Home Improvement,  Swire Cold Storage, Costco, and Hargreaves Property Group.

According to their DA, Lindt, the Swiss chocolate makers, is set to build a 20,330sq m warehouse, 5000sq m manufacturing and storing area over 6.6 hectares, with approval expected soon.

McDonalds opened in December, Masters Home Improvement expects to open May and Bunnings early in the New Year.

Development director of Sydney Business Park, Owen Walsh, said the development gave companies the chance to have their manufacturing and sales operations on the one site.

“We are marketing the business park internationally, hence calling it Sydney rather than Western Sydney Business Park,” he explained. “This will be a boon to the whole of Sydney, but especially the Blacktown area.”

And Russ Dickens and his fellow councillors could not agree more.

“This has been a long time coming. With so many announcements about Parramatta and Penrith, it is good to remember that here is Blacktown, the largest local government area in NSW, more than pulling its weight,” Clr Dickens said.

Project at a glance

●    Sydney Business Park plan announced 2010
●    256 total hectares, 46 commercial, 27 parkland, 6 residential
●    North West Rail link will extend into park
●    Officially opened on July 4 2013
●    17,000 total jobs by 2025
●    61, 900 homes surrounding park
●    Will include rainwater harvesting, recycled water, alternate energy sources
●    Details, inquiries www.sydneybusinesspark.com.au

Committed purchasers and tenants

●    Bunnings Warehouse
●    IKEA
●    Masters Home Improvement
●    Costco Wholesale
●    Shell
●    McDonalds
●    Hargreaves Property Group
●    Swire Cold Storage
●    Lindt


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