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11 May 2022 Posted by 


West is crazy over online shopping
THE home shopping fans in Western Sydney are expected to become the nation’s leading online buyers in the near future.
Parcel delivery volumes are a good barometer of online shopping volumes and several suburbs in the west are tipped to lead the growth in deliveries.
North Kellyville 185%, Edmondson Park 95%, Leppington 85%, Denham Court 81%, Gregory Hills 81% and The Ponds 79% are all in the national top 10 for predicted growth.
The figures were released by leading delivery service CP and reflect the way the pandemic and lockdowns have dramatically changed the shopping experience in the west.
CP delivers more than 20 million parcels a year to online shoppers throughout Australia for retailers such as Myer, Target and Forever New.
Since early 2020, CP experienced a continuing growth in parcel volumes and in the 2021 December quarter, CP received 30% more parcels than in the 2020 December quarter.
CP’s Chief Transformation Officer Jessica Ip released the figures recently.
“Even with Australia relaxing pandemic restrictions, our own volumes indicate that, for many, online shopping was a behavior formed during restrictions and will remain.”
“Research shows that in 2021, 68% of Australians shopped online for non-essentials. Even after the pandemic, 50% plan to use online as their main shopping channel, up from 32% pre-pandemic, while 50% intend to shop in-store, down from 68% pre-pandemic,” Jessica said. 
The top 10 suburbs for online shopping in Australia in 2021 were mostly from Melbourne, but will change dramatically this year
Based on 2021 parcel delivery volumes, Jessica was able to forecast this year’s top 10 suburbs for online goods purchases.
“With Melbourne living through 109 days of lockdown in 2021, it’s no surprise that its suburbs made up eight of the top 10.”
“Interestingly, Western Sydney suburbs dominate the 10 highest growth areas for online shopping, where parcel volumes have soared by up to 200% in the last year.
“CP forecasts that online shopping growth from these suburbs will continue to dominate other suburbs.
“The demographics that dominate the list are high-income earners, aspirational and many of these suburbs have new estates and large houses.”
She said the weekly household income in suburbs such as North Kellyville, Edmondson Park, Gregory Hills and The Ponds, well exceeded Australia’s median household income of $1438. 
“Most of the suburbs represented in these rankings are in NSW and Victoria, which experienced restrictions and lockdowns for at least half of 2021.”
The 10 Australian suburbs that will see the biggest growth in online shopping.
1. Clyde North (3978) (200% increase in volumes)
2. North Kellyville (2155) (185% increase)
3. Fountain Gate (3805) (184%)
4. Eastgardens (2036) (146%)
5. Belconnen (2617) (99%)
6. Edmondson Park (2174) (95%)
7. Leppington (2179) (87%)
8. Denham Court (2565) (81%)
9. Gregory Hills (2557) (81%)
10. The Ponds (2769) (79%)


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