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21 November 2020 Posted by 


Mayor calls for levy cuts
MAYOR of The Hills Shire, Dr Michelle Byrne is calling on the State Government to subsidise the S.88 Levy, ahead of Asbestos Awareness Week.
 Mayor Byrne said subsidising the dumping levy would go a long way to eradicating illegal dumping and the concealment of asbestos – a deadly, fibrous construction material that can cause a number of health problems (if the fibres are breathed in), including cancer, asbestosis and mesothelioma.   
“A new approach to the disposal of asbestos is urgently required,” Mayor Byrne said.
“Asbestos is the type of material that needs to be carefully removed, managed and disposed of safely. However, it appears that there are some people who are avoiding paying these fees associated with safely removing and disposing of this hazardous material, and dumping it on private and public land.
“To curb illegal dumping, I am asking the State Government to amend the Protection of the Environment Operations (Waste) Regulation 2014 to allow an exemption of the waste levy for disposal of asbestos at a licenced facility,” Mayor Byrne added.
Mayor Byrne has already written to The Minister for Innovation & Better Minister, The Hon. Matt Kean MP, requesting for these changes to be made.
Adding to this, Mayor Byrne is also reminding residents to be careful while doing home renovations – a message being promoted as part of Asbestos Awareness Week.
“Asbestos is found in more places than you’d think and if your home was built before 1990, there’s a good chance it has some asbestos,” Mayor Byrne said.
“Asbestos can be easily disturbed while doing household renovations, and if you breathe in any of the fibres, you could be at risk of a number of life-threatening diseases.
“Please check ahead of any DIY work that there is no asbestos. If there is, please contact an expert who can remove the dangerous construction material and dispose of it safely,” Mayor Byrne added.
Asbestos Awareness Week runs from November 23 to 29, and encourages people to be aware of the potential asbestos risks before they start any work.


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