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The health and wellbeing panel in action. The health and wellbeing panel in action. Featured
13 September 2013 Posted by 

Health and wellbeing the focus

MEMBERS and guests of The Sydney Hills Business Chamber were treated to an insight into why mental health and wellbeing is so important to delivering energy and productivity in the work day.

The panel discussed hot topics such as how certain foods affect our brain and impact on our mood, how body mechanics contribute directly to your overall performance and key take-outs to ensure a healthy body equals a healthy mind.

First panelist, Steve Cremona from 2 Realise summed up the presentation by saying: “I think the message that I got from today is the holistic approach is the best way to tackle mental wellbeing in the workplace. It encompasses the diet, exercise, communication and being in tune with your body, to not ignore small problems and to be able to say that you may need help.”

Jan-Ashton Ross from The Hills Natural Health Consultancy added: “We live in a fast paced world – we work fast, eat fast and think fast – but sometimes we start to get so time poor and stretched we are in danger of snapping.”

She explained that poor eating, the flu or a virus can make us feel depressed and lacking in motivation. So what is actually going on in our bodies when this is happening?

“Our gastro-intestinal system is linked with our brain chemistry and vice versa – if one is out of balance the other may be too. Irritable bowel or digestive disorders can be linked with anxiety or foggy thinking. Virus’s may upset our stomach and make us vulnerable to food sensitivities. Our brain and our gut lining both have receptors for serotonin – a feel good neurotransmitter – when this is low we may crave carbs (sugars and starchy foods) as a way of feeling better. A better solution is to eat well and feed our brains well too with good fats, minerals and vitamins in our diet and low levels of excitatory stimulants like MSG and caffeine,” Jan replied.

When asked about how to combat a craving for chocolate, Jan responded: “Chocolate can be a rich source of magnesium which is relaxing so be a food snob – choose the best quality dark chocolate and enjoy it in moderation!”

Trevor Robson from Norwest Chiropractic, a chiropractic clinic that specialises in musculoskeltal disorders commented on the importance of the body in delivering a positive wellbeing: “We focus on correcting the body’s biomechanics to achieve longer term results. In other words we want to fix the cause of the pain, not just treat the pain.”

He explained that the advantage in correcting the body’s biomechanics is that it frees up energy that can be used elsewhere. This allows people to be more focused at work, have more energy for their kids at home and live a more productive life in general.

The final panelist for the breakfast was Richard Wong of Vision Personal Training, Castle Hill – a business that sets itself apart from a traditional gym by helping people have more energy, more self-confidence and a stronger focus to live happier lives.

He explained that good nutrition was 70 to 80% of the secret to sustained weight management and that complimenting this with Personal Training and Educational Nutrition Sessions would help people enjoy the benefits of a healthier lifestyle.

A full calendar of upcoming events for the rest of the year is available on the Chamber’s website at www.sydneyhillsbusiness.com.au and guests are always welcome.


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