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Some of the KPMG staff that will do the Walkathon. Some of the KPMG staff that will do the Walkathon. Featured
11 September 2019 Posted by 


Accountants swap calculators for joggers
DOZENS of accountants will swap their calculators for their joggers as they pound the pavement and walk with a purpose, to raise money for cancer research.
 KPMG Western Sydney, based in Parramatta, is hosting a Walkathon event on Saturday, September 14. Participants will walk from Meadowbank Wharf to the labs at Children’s Medical Research Institute (CMRI) in Westmead, which measures 11km. All funds raised will go to CMRI’s ProCan Project.
ProCan is an ambitious, world-first cancer research project which aims to analyse the human cancer proteome on an unprecedented scale. The information it gathers will enable CMRI to advance basic cancer research but, will also help doctors to rapidly choose the best treatment option for their patients.
Scientist, Dr Steve Williams, who works in ProCan, said everyone at CMRI was driven by the impact their work could have on patients.
“The most rewarding part of my job is knowing that the little everyday tasks are contributing towards an end goal that is truly exciting and will no doubt make a difference in so many people’s lives,’’ Dr Williams said.
“Nobody deserves to suffer from disease, especially children, with so much life ahead. Helping kids grow up healthy allows them to contribute to society in their own positive way.’’
KPMG Partner Pierre Wakim said it’s hard to find someone who hasn’t been touched by cancer and this was his motivation to become involved after touring the ProCan labs and hearing about its incredible potential.
“The research being done by ProCan is right in our backyard in Westmead,’’ he said. “We really expect it will save lives because it is all about getting people on the right treatment as quickly as possible and that is so important. It’s a really powerful project and that’s why we are supporting it.’’
If you would like to support the KPMG team through a donation, or even join them on their fundraising walk, visit:
About the CMRI
Children’s Medical Research Institute (CMRI) pioneered microsurgery, immunisations against lethal childhood illnesses, and care for premature babies, all of which has improved the lives of countless Australian children over the last 60 years. Today, CMRI is an independent institute and the site of world-leading research in the areas of cancer, neurobiology, embryology, proteogenomics and gene therapy. CMRI is affiliated with the University of Sydney and is a founding partner of Paediatrio and the Westmead Research Hub. Find out more at www.cmri.org.au This not-for-profit institute is funded by competitive grants and a community of supporters who participate in events like Jeans for Genes Day, which is held on the first Friday in August. Visit


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