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CEO Jason Elias testing the contamination chamber. CEO Jason Elias testing the contamination chamber.
03 April 2020 Posted by 


EXCLUSIVE: PMG Develops kit-form decontamination chamber
WESTERN Sydney engineering firm, Precision Metal Group (PMG) has designed and manufactured a kit-form decontamination chamber that could have widespread use in preventing the spread of Coronavirus.

The chambers can be deployed easily to any environment and could be particularly effective at shopping centres, workplaces, airports and high traffic areas.
PMG CEO Jason Elias said the PMG team has been developing the chamber since February since it became obvious that Coronavirus would be a major global health problem.
“We started to notice that our export deals with Europe started to show signs of slowing down due to Coronavirus so we looked at ways to protect our workers and develop a product that would have widespread value in these times,” Mr Elias said.
The chamber is configured with the aim of sanitising in various situations such as quarantine zones, hospitals, aged care facilities, schools and workplaces.
This is done simply by delivering a sanitizing agent through a fog which covers all external surfaces inside the chamber thus preventing the transmission of the virus from surface to surface contact.
The simple design of the chambers makes it possible to manufacture, deliver and commission the system in a short period of time.
The chamber will be supplied in kit form, which requires very basic tools and no prior knowledge to build and then commission the system. All instructions are included with the kit.
“The decontamination chamber has the potential to be significant; for both commercial and public service personnel, if used strategically. The product enables further decontamination in a timely and cost-effective manner,” said Mr Elias.
“Decontamination chambers and sanitising agents are standard in places handling biohazardous goods. Our solution simply enables this practice to be brought to the front line and where it’s needed the most, faster and cheaper than any other similar solution currently available.”
PMG has designed and manufactured the product and is ready to start mass manufacture to meet demand. Their capability is to supply 250 kits per week.
Pricing schedule: Kit price for chamber, 240V fogging unit, packaging and shipping; all ready to activate onsite within 30 minutes.
Optional extras include multiple nozzles, types of nozzle (spray, mist etc), power options (mains, solar, battery), enclosure options (strips, doors).
PMG is an award-winning engineering firm that has a track record of innovation and success including working with the some of the world’s leading defence companies. 
Enquiries to Jason Elias: 0417 444 417


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