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Mounties team at the awards. Mounties team at the awards. Featured
19 August 2021 Posted by 


Group takes out health, wellbeing award
IF the Mounties lineup looks fit and healthy if this photo, it’s because they are - and they have the trophy to prove it.
Having been nominated as finalists in seven of the nine awards categories at the recent Clubs and Community Awards, Mounties Group scooped up a win in the Health and Wellbeing category.
The club was also highly commended for their contribution to the community through their drought relief initiatives. 
While 2020 proved an incredibly challenging year for the hospitality and club industries to navigate, it also provided a new perspective, driving a greater sense of mateship across the board. 
There was an incredible number of businesses that stepped up their efforts in supporting local communities across Australia and the Club and Community Awards this year really highlighted this. 
As local community hubs, whether they were lending their premises to bushfire and flood victims, championing worthy causes and raising funds, or simply providing a meeting place where locals could visit to see a friendly face, clubs in NSW have remained focused on providing for their local communities in times of need. 
Of course, supporting the local community is not a new concept to Mounties Group which was formed in 1964 purely for this reason alone.
As a profit-for-purpose business, Australia’s leading club group operates with one goal at the forefront of everything they do – to make the lives of its members better. 
It is with this ethos in mind that Mounties Group continue to evolve and adapt to their members changing needs. 
Feedback via customer survey
Last year members told Mounties Group via a customer feedback survey that their number one concern for their future was the health and wellbeing of themselves and their loved ones and it was the very same survey that led to the opening of two new state-of-the-art children’s play centres within their flagship locations Mounties and Harbord Diggers. 
But securing their win for the Health and Wellbeing category was the launch of Mounties Care - a free health and wellbeing service available to all 160,000 members across NSW. 
Mounties Group partnered with leading integrated care specialists Vitalis to support the health, wellbeing, independence and quality of life of all members. The group provides a trusted network of accredited service providers, offering a holistic approach to health including: 
• Free Members Healthline.
• Home Care Services. 
• Care Navigation.
• Allied Health. 
• Hospital at Home. 
• General Practitioners. 
• Mental Health Support.
• Women’s Health.
President of Mounties Group Kevin Ingram described the highs and the lows of the past year and how proud he was that they were still able to continue doing what they do best. 
CEO of Mounties Group Dale Hunt who attended the awards with his team, described how proud he was to have been nominated as finalists in so many categories and how the last year had spurred them on to create great things. 
“I could not be prouder of what we have achieved as a team this past year and bringing Mounties Care to our members, amalgamating with more venues and being able to help more people in NSW as a result, is a defining moment for us.” 
The Clubs & Community Awards is held yearly and took place at the ICC Centre in Sydney. You can find a list of all winners here:


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