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Maurice Terzini and his modern take on Italian cooking is one of the secrets to his success in the restaurant scene in Sydney. Maurice Terzini and his modern take on Italian cooking is one of the secrets to his success in the restaurant scene in Sydney. Featured
30 June 2020 Posted by 


Maurice Terzini opens in business precinct
RESTAURATEUR Maurice Terzini of famed Icebergs Dining Room and Bar on Bondi Beach is unveiling his version of a modern trattoria – relaxed, casual, yet inexpensive dishes featuring Italian culinary delights - at the new Parramatta Square set to open in September.
Lang Walker, the developer of the $3.2B retail and business precinct offered a space at Building 2 of the towers under construction for Terzini’s signature CicciaBella in Parramatta.
It is the latest venue for Western Sydney diners that Terzini vows to treat to an array of “easy everyday food, nothing too complex, but quite a modern menu” of delicious recipes inspired by his Italian heritage served up from lunchtime to after-six dinners and socials.
“We are excited to be opening in Parramatta,” Terzini said. “I love the multicultural mix and it seems to be a very good business opportunity to be in.”
Contemplating business expansion after experiencing uncertainty due to COVID-19 Terzini said the move wasn’t a hard decision.
“It is an opportunity for me to experience the outer suburbs other than the eastern suburbs because I see Parramatta going through exciting developments as the next Sydney CBD,” Terzini said.
Describing the ambience of his new venture, Terzini said CicciaBella will be a “different product and exciting” place to taste and experience an evolving Italian cuisine he has been experimenting with Chef, Nic Wong.
“It’s going to be a modern-day trattoria which will feature under $35 lunchtime menu which we are still developing,” he said.
“We are not changing our product range because these days, it doesn’t matter where you are,” Terzini said, hinting CicciaBella in Parramatta would see him and Wong running the restaurants at the same pace as Icebergs.
“There is obviously a difference with the beachside restaurant at Bondi but generally the commonality and essence of our products will be the same.
“We are gearing up for an exciting lunch trade; it will be fast, and divided into the main course, with classic starters.  
“We’re still experimenting with the menu while gearing for the opening in September, but I can promise you it will be a great selection and very good food.”
Terzini said he was aware of fellow chef and restaurateur Jamie Oliver closing his Parramatta outlet two years ago. 
“We want to distinguish ourselves from Jamie’s experience. We are not Jamie Oliver and I have great respect for Jamie, he is a great man, a beautiful man, who has done a lot of great things in the food and restaurant industry,” Terzini said.
“Fingers crossed, we hope to do better in Parramatta.”
The temporary shutdown of Terzini’s restaurants due to COVID-19 has made him learn from the experience but remained calm as plans for CicciaBella in Parramatta took shape.
“I have never stopped giving up on the role of a restaurant so I have been positive. I believe that restaurants provide an important social role, they just adjusted to the situation.”
He also expressed gratitude for his landlords that showed understanding, support, and patience as he survived the pandemic.


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