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Artist impression of the smart miortorway. Artist impression of the smart miortorway. Featured
11 August 2019 Posted by 


Technology to control traffic flow
A RANGE of new intelligent transport systems will be put to the test along the M4 Motorway.

Drivers will see new technologies in action ahead of the M4 Smart Motorway project’s completion in 2020.

Minister for Transport and Roads Andrew Constance said the systems will help to control the flow of traffic between Mays Hill and Penrith.

“These new signals have been installed on a number of on-ramps, including at Reservoir Road. They will help to regulate traffic entering the motorway, as well as vehicles trying to merge at the same time.

“This technology will ensure less stop-start traffic and sudden braking at some of the most congested points along the motorway.”

Mr Constance said crews are also hard at work installing electronic message signs, traffic sensors and lane use signs along a 35 kilometre stretch of the motorway.

“When the project is complete, these systems will talk to each other and automatically adjust to incidents and congestion without a manual operator intervening,” Mr Constance said.

“This testing will measure driver behaviour and reaction to the technology ahead of the project opening to traffic.”

Mr Constance said planning is continuing for technology upgrades to other major motorways, including the M1 Motorway between Gosford and Sydney.

“By introducing these cutting-edge improvements we ensure drivers are spending less time in their vehicles and more time doing what they enjoy most.”
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