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Alex Hawke. Alex Hawke.
19 April 2013 Posted by 

Hawke welcomes M2 upgrade

ALEX Hawke MP, Federal Member for Mitchell, has welcomed the completion of the section of the Hills M2 Upgrade west of Pennant Hills Road.

“The completion of this section of the upgrade is welcome. It is true to say that the Hills M2 is the most significant motorway operating in Western Sydney and the many residents of our area who use the M2 will be pleased to see these upgrades completed”, Mr Hawke said.

When the upgrade is fully completed, AM peak hour travel times are estimated to reduce by 40% with PM peak hour travel times by 24%.

“Motorists will appreciate that travel and transport times will be reduced by this upgrade. It has always been of my opinion that people are prepared to pay tolls for a reduction in travel time.

“For example, I have never received a single complaint about the M7 Motorway while the major criticisms I received from residents who were regular users of the Hills M2 were about travel delays and having to pay a toll to sit in traffic.

“I am a strong supporter of encouraging greater private sector investment in infrastructure because of the outcomes achieved for our community in the provision of better infrastructure.

“Given the huge national backlog, governments of all levels need to encourage more investment by ensuring that this process is easier, competitive and transparent”,

“Now that this section of the upgrade is complete and other sections near completion, motorists will reap benefits of potential reduction in travel times and an easier commute to and from work,” Mr Hawke said.

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