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Peter Di Prinzio. Peter Di Prinzio.
09 February 2020 Posted by 

Peter’s amazing life story is a true-life miracle

PETER Di Prinzio’s amazing life story is like a Hollywood movie script, except it happens to be a real-life true story.

Italian born, Mr Di Prinzio grew up in coastal Newcastle, Australia.
He was born into a traditional Italian family and having experienced playground bullying for most of his school years, followed by career setbacks, Mr Di Prinzio is now sharing his inspiring story on an Australian speaking tour.
It’s a story about how he battled and beat adversity - not just once, but seven times.
And it’s a story that should inspire businesspeople facing seemingly insurmountable hurdles in their business lives.
The national tour, starting on Wednesday February 26 Adelaide, will see Mr Di Prinzio share his inspiring tale of how he conquered several consecutive misfortunes including wrongful imprisonment, poverty, divorce, loss of family, depression, attempted suicide and, worst of all, terminal cancer.
With the initial goal of wanting to share his story with close family and friends, Mr Di Prinzio’s message has touched the hearts of many that he is now a sought after inspirational speaker, teaching people how they too can overcome life’s adversities and struggles through the power of positive thinking, visualisation and mindset re-conditioning.
“When I was diagnosed with terminal cancer, I was told I would never walk again but from time to time, you hear stories of people who manage to overcome the insurmountable odds, and I am very grateful to be one of them,” Mr Di Prinzio said.
“I know I am very lucky to be alive and I believe it is my mission and purpose to help others keep fighting in the face of adversity.
“Through this tour, I wish to share my true story with the world and inspire and remind people that no matter what you are faced with in life - an illness, depression, financial pressure, divorce, or suicidal thoughts - you can rise above it all and overcome whatever mountain you are currently facing,” he said.
Power of mindset
With the help of global success coach and mindset mentor, Jacob Galea, Di Prinzio and Galea’s goal is to help their audience understand:
• The power of a winning attitude.
• The power of retraining your mindset.
• How to turn around losses.
• Advanced visualisation techniques.
• The power of unlocking your subconscious mind.
• How to establish and maintain a "Never Give Up Attitude" in the face of adversity.
Executive Success Coach Jacob Galea said he was delighted to be speaking with Mr Di Prinzio on his tour because his story is one like no other.
“When I first heard Peter talk, I was blown away. Listening to all the misfortunes that happened to this man was like watching something out of a movie. Peter is a real-life example of the well-known saying ‘fall down seven, stand up eight’,” Mr Galea said.
“The fact that this man is still standing after everything life has thrown at him makes him a real inspiration. I am very excited to be speaking alongside Peter to teach people how to change their mindset and live their lives with passion and purpose,” he said.
After leaving school, Mr Di Prinzio built a career in the financial services industry as a financial advisor. Due to unfortunate timing, one of his clients invested a substantial amount of money into a fund upon Mr Di Prinzio’s instruction.
One year later, Australia’s stock market crashed and the client lost their entire investment. Mr Di Prinzio was subsequently sued and was sentenced to two years imprisonment.
Upon his release, Mr Di Prinzio started a new life in Sydney, where he fell in love, got married and had a daughter. Years into the marriage his wife had an affair and left him, soon after the death of his father. Mr Di Prinzio was then diagnosed with clinical depression.
In March 2008, he tried to take his own life and overdosed on pills. He was found in his car, taken to hospital and survived.
Then, in 2014, Mr Di Prinzio was diagnosed with Terminal, incurable bone marrow cancer and was told he would never walk again. Choosing not to let this illness defeat him, within two weeks, Mr Di Prinzio was on his feet again and remains healthy today.
Now he is sharing his story of hope, faith and persistence through some of life’s biggest hurdles and motivate others to keep fighting their battles just as he did.
For more information regarding Mr Di Prinzio’s tour dates and venues, contact: or phone (02) 9653 9143


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