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Blacktown FC's new chairman, Bob Turner. Blacktown FC's new chairman, Bob Turner. Featured
19 March 2021 Posted by 


Mission to steer the club's redevelopment
NATIONAL Premier Leagues NSW Men’s club Blacktown City has announced the appointment of one of Australia's most respected sports personalities in former NBL Basketball legendary coach Bob Turner as part of the club’s new restructure.
The 70-year-old organisation will see Turner as an asset in it’s bid to recommence the club’s redevelopment. The sporting personality will be using all his expertise in taking the club to the next level.
“When I weighed up the positives of the club’s history, its culture and reputation, the proven coaching reputation that Mark Crittenden has brought to the club and its home venue, which is one of the best facilities in Sydney, the ingredients were stacking up that the opportunity to capitalise and make a difference was a great one,” Turner said.
“In addition, the last 11 years of my association with Blacktown, including my current role as Vice President of the Greater Blacktown Business Chamber, have opened my eyes to both the misunderstandings and the potential of the city.
“Our name Blacktown City FC is priceless and critical to achieve the objectives of the new Board.”
Joining Turner on the board will be former Blacktown City legend and business owner Luke Roodenburg, Chris Gafa, Steve Crawhall, Gina Moutzouris while the club’s Head of Football Mark Crittenden will also assist with the new team.
Steve Crawhall was looking forward to working alongside Turner in ensuring Blacktown City remained at the top of their game on and off the pitch.
“It’s great to have Bob as part of the Blacktown City FC family. Blacktown City FC has a proud tradition of success and we believe having Bob onboard will continue that success off the field, which will compliment all the work done from previous boards.
Blacktown City Mayor Tony Bleasdale was delighted with the club’s major appointment.
“If the new Board can achieve even half their goals in the next few years, the city of Blacktown will be the winner. Bob has been a true advocate for Blacktown and his sporting history indicates he has the ability to achieve his goals for Blacktown City FC,” he said.
One of the most important ingredients for future success is the teams home venue and the club is grateful to Vince Camera of Lily Homes for his efforts to maintain and improve the venue. Vince was a previous Blacktown City FC Director and has provided long term support to the club.
He is fully behind the new move and will remain as an advisor to the Board.
“My business interest must take precedence, but I believe in Blacktown City FC and the ambitious direction the new Board is heading,” Camera stated.
Lily Homes Stadium has a current capacity of 6,000, and the end goal is to fill the stadium on a regular basis.
Blacktown City FC proved that is possible when they played the Western Sydney Wanderers in the Quarter Finals of the FFA Cup in 2017. They not only packed the stadium but almost pulled off a major upset after defeating the Central Coast Mariners the week before.
The priority of the new Board is to structure a firm financial operation for the long-term stability of the club. A focus on building attendance, corporate support, and acceptance from its home city–Blacktown, will be priorities.
The credentials of the on-field activity at Blacktown City FC are generally accepted by most in football to be first class and was another selling point for Bob Turner.
“As a former professional coach for many years, I have been impressed with the on-field activity, coaching and most importantly the culture that our Head of Football Mark Crittenden has developed in the club. The on-field culture, advancement of players and coaching staff are solid.
“The new marketing and vision will aim to maximise the vast potential of the club,” Turner said.
Football is a universal and global sport that ideally fits the multicultural demographic that is Blacktown. For Blacktown City FC the intention will be for the club to represent the city with pride and distinction.
The principles of building a professional sporting team are similar for most team sports that include the team, a competition, a culture, a city for support, a home venue people want to go to, and a great deal of energy to sell the program.


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