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Western Sydney Business Access (WSBA) 

Western Sydney Business Access (WSBA) enables readers to better appreciate and engage with the physical, community, cultural and business environments of Australia's fastest growing region: Greater Western Sydney. WSBA is delivered as a monthly newspaper distributed across 280 strategic locations within the region and outside it. A PDF of each edition is uploaded for permanent viewing at www.accessnews.com.au As the home to Australia's newest 24-hour international airport, Western Sydney is a fast growing, multi-cultural and dynamic place. WSBA attracts readers from throughout the world and is sought-after for its insights into progress, people and opportunities in the region.

Newspaper: WSBA is printed monthly with 10,000 hard copies distributed over 280 strategic delivery points in Western Sydney, ACT and Asia.

Online edition: WSBA editions are uploaded to www.accessnews.com.au and downloadable as a PDF 24/7.

Digital: The primary website, www.accessnews.com.au is updated daily. The site is searchable by region, business sector and people and attracts significant international traffic.

Social Media: Connect with WSBA via Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and You Tube. See links home page.

Sponsorships: WSBA is proud of our many sponsor and support relationships. Some of these include:

Media Support Partner: Michael Hughes Foundation.
Media Partner: Sydney West TV.
Gold Media Support Partner: Parramatta Chamber of Commerce.

Exclusive Print Media Partner: Western Sydney Awards for Business Excellence.

Gold Support Partner: Sydney Hills Business Chamber.

Gold Media Support Partner: Cumberland Business Chamber.

Platinum Partner: Greater Blacktown Business Chamber.

Media Support Partner: Penrith Valley Chamber of Commerce.

Gold Support Partner: Merrylands Chamber of Commerce.

Regional Media Support Partner: Western Sydney Business Connection.

Regional Media Support Partner: Western Sydney ZEST Awards.

Regional Media Support Partner: National Manufacturing Week.

Media Support Partner: WEXPO.

Regional Media Support Partner: Jobs Western Sydney.

Prime Media Sponsor: Greater Western Sydney Regional Round Table.

Regional Media Support Partner: Greater Western Sydney Red Shield Appeal.

Exclusive Media Partner: Precedent Productions – local business awards programs.

Contributors: WSBA contributors are leading business and social commentators. To submit a contribution, contact The Editor at info@wsba.com.au

For advertisers: Download our MEDIA KIT for details about reach and costings. We are always interested in exploring partnerships for sponsorship and support. For a discussion about how we might work together contact The Editor at info@wsba.com.au

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