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Health to drive Liverpool capital status Featured
12 July 2013 Posted by 

Health to drive Liverpool capital status

By Red Dwyer

THE Liverpool health and education sector has been identified as a major component in the development of the city’s $7.8 million economy and as a catalyst to raise its status as the regional capital of South-West Sydney.

The sector underpinned by employment at Liverpool Hospital, accounts for 5300 jobs, or 41 per cent, of the total 13,000 jobs in the CBD and is the largest employment sector in the local government area ahead of manufacturing.

However, a range of infrastructure issues are restricting the city’s latent potential and the realisation of the sector’s national and global profile as a centre for research and healthcare excellence.

The first of a three-stage report has identified the hospital, a teaching facility of the University of NSW, the Ingham Institute for Applied Medical Research and South West Sydney Institute of TAFE among the major health and education assets which have significant impacts on the CBD.

The location of such a large and dynamic health and education hub created a number of opportunities and challenges to boost the economic development of Liverpool on these assets, and to enhance its role as the regional city of South-West Sydney.

This was the view of Strategic Economics and SGS Economic and Planning in the first of a three-stage report, the Liverpool Health and Education Precinct (LHEP), commissioned by Liverpool City Council and the Parramatta-based Regional Development Australia, Sydney.

The precinct in the northern part of the CBD includes Liverpool Hospital, Sydney South-West Private Hospital, South-West Local Health District and allied services, and South West Sydney Institute TAFE Education and Training Centre, South West Sydney Institute TAFE and public and private schools.

“The LHEP is an area of growing regional and national significance right here in the heart of the city and this report confirms that,” said Liverpool City Mayor, Ned Mannoun.

The report noted the constraints hindering the precinct’s development.

“Further development of the precinct will depend on addressing such issues as the lack of suitable hotel accommodation, lack of facilities for specialist consulting rooms and related health services treatment facilities, accessible patient and visitor parking and safe and secure access for staff to public transport,” the report said.

“Specialist consultants are influenced by accessibility to appropriate accommodation including surrounding environment e.g. cafes, retail precinct, and ease of parking."

Further stages of the report will focus on the development of a strategy and its implementation.

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